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Kelly Was Secretly Spying On Trump Calls

Kelly Was Secretly Spying On Trump Calls

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former US President Donald Trump, revealed in his memoirs to be released this month that former White House chief of staff John Kelly was “secretly eavesdropping on all of President Trump’s conversations.”

In the memoir, “Breaking History: The White House Memoir,” due to be published on August 23, Kushner said Trump was unaware of this wiretapping, even after Kelly’s departure was announced in late 2018, according to the newspaper. New York Post”.

When Trump learned about the matter following Kelly’s departure, he issued an order prohibiting any senior White House staff from tapping his calls, Kushner said.


Trump’s son-in-law wrote in his memoirs about his strained relationship with Kelly, who restricted his access to classified information in 2018 and prevented him from participating in talks about opening a US embassy in Jerusalem in November 2017.

It is reported that Kelly worked in the White House with Trump for about 17 months.

Kushner reported that acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney raised Kelly’s monitoring of Trump’s calls before a state dinner for then-Vice President Mike Pence on December 28, 2018, one day before Kelly’s final departure from the White House.

Kushner reported that Mulvaney handed Trump a document to sign, telling Trump, “This will end the practice that Kelly started by listening to all of your phone calls.”

Kushner wrote that Trump was pissed off to hear that Kelly had been watching his calls without his knowledge, and Trump responded in a daze to Mulvaney: “Kelly did what? Stop that immediately.”

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But Kushner admitted that he did not know the nature or content of the document that Mulvaney provided Trump to sign and end the practice.

According to an earlier report, Trump sometimes told contacts to avoid calling him on White House lines because he suspected wiretapping.