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Khaled Amin undergoes surgery after being injured in photography

Khaled Amin undergoes surgery after being injured in photography

Reassure the artist Khaled Amin Followers of his accounts on social networking sites and his fans on his health.

Khaled published a picture of him, in which he appears in the hospital, and wrote: “The operation took place, with God’s grace and grace from Him.. Thank you to everyone and those who asked about me by phone, or through social media, may my Lord protect you and keep you away from all harm.”

For their part, artists and followers interacted with his publication, wishing him good health, most notably the artist. Buthaina mainHuda Hussein, Reem Arhama, Amal Muhammad, Habiba Al Abdullah, Alaa Shaker, Huda Al Khatib, artist Ibrahim Al Hassawi, Abdullah Malik and Bashar Al Shatti.

Khaled Amin appeared in a video clip on his social media accounts, assuring his fans of his health after he was hit in the face while filming his new work.

Amin said in the video: “God bless you, I am now abroad to film a beautiful work in which elite stars, but I cannot disclose it now, and I cannot speak about his name, and I will answer only those who asked me about my work injury, the truth is that I was accidentally injured.” By a colleague. He did not mean that, the scene was action, and I had a broken nose, cartilage and bone, and thank God now I am recovering, I did not want to reveal what happened to me, but many asked me, and I wanted to explain the scene.

He added, “The fates wanted what happened to happen, and I had a work injury, and thank God I started to heal, and I need a small operation and simple adjustments, God willing, and this is not the first time that I have been injured, as I have previously suffered in other jobs to a broken hand and leg, and this is something It’s normal, it might happen in photography.”

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He continued, “I am happy with the beautiful experience, and I congratulate the work team, and I wish everyone success in their work, and I liked, through the video, to explain what happened to me, and enjoy the beautiful summer, whether you are at home or abroad.”

It is noteworthy that Khaled participated in the last Ramadan drama season, through the second part of the series “”Muhammad Ali RodWith a selection of stars, including Muhammad Al-Mansur, Hessa Al-Nabhan, Buthaina Al-Raisi, Hussein Al-Mahdi, Jassem Al-Nabhan, Mai Al-Balushi, Fatat Sultan.