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Khalid bin Al-Walid's plan...a wide interaction with what an American professor said in a previous lecture

Khalid bin Al-Walid’s plan…a wide interaction with what an American professor said in a previous lecture

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated videos from a lecture by the American Professor, Roy Casagranda, and what he said about Khalid bin Al-Walid, one of the most prominent leaders of the armies in the history of Islam.

The professor said in the circulating clip, which dates back to last March and which the writer published on his Twitter page: “The Arab army was attacking from this side and trying to reach Jerusalem, and the Romans knew that the Arabs were fewer in number and fewer than them with technology and money, and they were facing two empires.”

He continued, “Do you (the two empires) attack them together at the same time? This is illogical, but this is exactly what the Arabs did…”

He added: “(Khaled bin Al-Waleed) nicely withdrew his army from the bridge and the crossing and divided it into 3 groups consisting of 5,000 soldiers in each group, placing one group at the top of the river, another below the river, and the other far from the river, and he kept waiting..”

He continued: “The Persian and Roman armies began to cross the bridge at the same time and kept waiting, and when 50,000 Persians and Romans crossed the trumpet, the men attacked from above and below the river across the river bank and tried to reach and dock at the entrance to the bridge and the crossing until they cut off the road from those who cut the bridge away from the soldiers. On the other side of the bridge…

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He explained that, “After that, what Khaled did was that he took the 5,000 soldiers against 50,000 and attacked maintaining the highest possible line by counting the ranks of the army, and then withdrew his men and attacked again and pulled them, and again he attacked, and every time his horses entered the army, he pressured them a little and a little, so after a while the Persians became And the Romans were so compressed that they could not move their arms or their weapons together and realized what he had done to them, so they panicked and turned around to return to the bridge to cross it, 50,000 men turning around to return at once, you could hear the bones breaking and then the Muslim Arabs attacked them while they were fleeing, and by the end of the battle the total of the dead was 200 Arabs Muslims in exchange for 50,000 dead Persian and Roman armies.