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Kherson is following in the footsteps of Crimea.. Has the division of Ukraine begun?

Kherson is following in the footsteps of Crimea.. Has the division of Ukraine begun?

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Strimosov said: “Moscow is now the time center of the region KhersonHe added that, starting from this year, the region will not switch to the timing of the winter season, as it was the case in Ukraine.

The authorities in the Kherson region also announced the adoption of the Russian international dialing code (code), which is +7, instead of the previous Ukrainian code.

In the context of these successive actions and steps, the deputy head of the civil-military administration of the Kherson region announced that the region’s borders with the Ukrainian regions under Kiev are closed for security reasons.

He revealed that it is currently possible to go from the region to Crimea And from there to the republics of Donbass, Lugansk and Donetsk, which observers considered a sign that the Russians began practically linking their areas of control in eastern and southern Ukraine with the Crimea, which, according to them, achieves one of the most important goals of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine.

Observers believe that the momentum with which a series of measures to establish the link between Kherson Province and Russia shows that this region may be the first to join Russian territory, making it an example for the rest of the areas it controls. Russian forces And its ally, as is the case in the province Donbass Eastern.

Observers point out that the focus on making administrative decisions that affect people’s daily lives and their minutes, and related to their details, such as adopting the Russian time, comes with the aim of creating a fait accompli that is difficult to budge, which, according to the observers, will lead to the preponderance of the scenario of the partition of Ukraine between a pro-Russian part that may join Its official, and the last half pro-Western.

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On this, the expert in Russian affairs and director of the Russian-Arab Dialogue Center, Muslim Shaito, from Saint Petersburg, said in an interview with Sky News Arabia: “It seems that Kherson’s accession, with its symbolic and strategic importance, and its return to the Russian bosom, has become a foregone conclusion. Issued in it to a party linking it service and administratively with Moscow is a definitive sign in this direction, and it is a trend that enjoys broad popular support by the residents of Kherson and its people.”

In this regard, he adds: “The next step may be to work on legalizing and framing these successive steps in the form of organizing a popular referendum, for example, to decide the fate of the region and its accession to Russia. In this context, these decisions pave the ground for this scenario, which will often apply to other regions such as Kharkiv as well. In the Donbass region, and other regions, such as Odessa city“.

Kherson, the center of the strategic region in the south of the country, was the first major city to fall into the hands of the Russian army Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

Kherson is located in the south Ukraineis considered an important and major port on Black Sea and on Dnipro . RiverWith a population of about 300,000, it is the capital of Kherson Province, which borders the Crimea, which Russia seized in 2014.

Its importance lies in the fact that it is located at the mouth of the Dnipro River, overlooking the Azov sea from the southeast, and the Black Sea from the southwest, in addition to forming a link between the Crimea and the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine.

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Kherson has Ukraine’s largest shipbuilding port in the Black Sea, and is a major center for shipping. The city grew steadily during the nineteenth century, due to shipping and shipbuilding, and remained a major shipbuilding center throughout the twentieth century.