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Kim and his “youngest daughter” inspect a ballistic missile factory

The picture is shown Kim Jong Un and his daughter walking among no less than 26 missiles.Hwaseong 12Not fitted inside a large showroom at an unspecified date.

He was a leader North Korea He had earlier called for “significantly increasing missile production” in the new year.

According to North Korea News, the photo appears to have been taken at the Taesong Machinery Factory, also known as the Jamjin Missile Factory, located on the western edge of Pyongyang.

The photo marks Kim’s third public appearance with his young daughter, who first appeared with her father to watch the test launch of Akbar Nuclear missile In the country last November, and again days later to meet the military officials responsible for the successful test, while this appearance marks her first official appearance as she takes part in an inspection of a weapons factory.

While state media did not reveal Kim’s daughter by name, South Korean intelligence service It is estimated that she is “Ju Ai”, the daughter he revealed Dennis Rodman For the first time after meeting the North Korean leader in 2013.

The North Korean media called Kim’s daughter the “favorite daughter”, and earlier she was called the “dear daughter”.

And the picture published on Sunday also seems important because it shows the largest number of missiles.KN 23Short range ballisticsNorth Korea which were displayed in one place at one time, and there are more in number than were displayed during military parades.

And the leader appeared Kim and his daughter Also in another photo broadcast by KCTV on Sunday, they are dressed in the same clothes that were shown in the previous photo, but in a different location, as they were apparently checking out a group Short range ballistic missiles Installed on heavy transport vehicles.

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It is also not known when this photo was taken.