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Kim crashes, tests Pitaine with a Korean by robbing a rocket

A week before the conference of regional secretaries, Kim told the party that the country must be prepared for a major economic crisis. He used a heat pain march. What did TM want?
It is important to note that the term painful march belongs to the traditional phrase of the North Korean propaganda. He points to the need to overcome difficult conditions, just as the founder and founder Kim Ir-Sen defeated them with his strong mind during the guerrilla struggle against Japan in which he actually participated in the late 1930s.

Today, the term is often used in connection with a period of unprecedented famine that ruled the country in the second half of the nineties. In 1996, Party, Army and Union Day released a joint Novoran guide, which wrote about the spirit of the painful march.

At a time when the entire population was mobilized, it was a joy that famine had erupted in the country. This method is mainly about mobilizing their party CDR.

Is the current situation so high?
At the end of this year, the ministers of the economy were changed several times because the management was not satisfied with the results. Kim talked about VIII being open for the past five years. Congress of the Labor Party of Korea in January this year.

But this is nothing new under the sun. The breakdown of the economic system has been conscious since at least the 1970s, and in the following decades, efforts were made to profit from foreign investment and unfettered trade.

But that has not changed, because with the introduction of some elements of the last two decades, they have not yet embarked on a fundamental overhaul of the economic system.

North Korea

As announced over the past five years, it’s about new shopping and Batkin’s projects such as ski centers, swimming pools and resorts.

So the current economic situation is unsatisfactory. The strong effect of the international sanctions imposed by the Trump administration proved to be unprecedented. The big impact was the locking introduced by DBRK in January 2020.

According to first responders, the situation in the country was not expected to be reminiscent of famine. For example, prices are rising in remote areas, but not ten times or twenty times as much as they were in the mid-1990s.

How does the economy affect the year the border is closed, i.e. a tangible economic partner?
From the people of the Republic today, the land boundary is only a necessary necessity, and to a very limited extent. But first, repeat the breach of international sanctions by the return of strategic goods such as coal and oil products.

The North Korean industry is very backward, so today they misunderstand the machines that cannot fix themselves. Do not come to the black market. The comparison of consumer goods and food across borders was significant in practice. As a result of the lockdown, North Korea lost revenue from tourism last year, especially in recent years, when LR investment has increased and the value has increased by more than $ 100 million a year.

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What do we know about the epidemic in DBRK? Reem says zero nagging and zero is dead in the country.
Yes, that is a very official opinion. According to the chief, both the diplomat and the fugitive actually won in some areas. If the information is not available, it is highly confidential.

North Korea

When you look at the collections of party meetings across the country, you can see that their representatives have no hands. The point is to show how invincible DBRK is. It is a strong, invincible socialist country that is not afraid to unite because everything can be managed thanks to the invincible Korean spirit.

I think the delegates are testers. According to the LR, test equipment was provided to North Korea, so DPRK signed the Kovacs program for various vaccine developing countries.

Covidem-19 justified DPRK’s request for an Olympics in Tokyo. Is it a concern for the health of athletes?
This is one reason. It would be a huge scandal if independent tests show that some of the North Korean athletes and the residences in the delegation are positive.

However, the Japanese host, who has long been known as one of DPRK’s main rivals, also plays a role. This is in the context of the long journey of the Japanese colonial government on the Korean Peninsula, and there is no doubt that the Japanese were abducted by the North Korean regime in the past. This is because North Korean athletes do not have much money for medals, so the simple leadership of the DBRK does not want to present themselves there.

There was a meeting at the Blm dom in January. How did the North Korean regime bend over back to Donald Trump who first exchanged urine with Kim?
Although Kim said at the party’s January conference that talks at the highest level between the DPRK and the United States were a historic event, he did not want to be too flexible because it was a setback for the North. At the last meeting after Kim, Trump wanted to get his job done, and unlike previous administrations, he pointed out that he would not be disappointed by the promises.


He wanted to see a clear change, for example, by demanding a reliable list of nuclear devices. The Americans have their own intelligence, and what they have received from the North Koreans is neither clear nor credible.

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However, Trump was able to achieve that North Korea did not test intercontinental ballistic missiles after 2017. In particular, he had respect from Trump and misunderstood unnecessary concessions from the United States.

Go Ek Od Zoya Bidena?
The North Koreans have been assessing the situation as usual since he entered. Undoubtedly, they did not miss the fact that the United States had withdrawn the voyage of small ships to the Black Sea or was trying to renew the nuclear deal with the Black Sea. Unfortunately, this shows that the Biden administration is not as decisive as Trump.

At DBRK, it gives me hope that if this progresses in a difficult way, the United States can reapply, as it did in the days of Clinton and other U.S. administrations. I think the DPRK will test a long-range missile or nuclear weapon on Python this year.

Today, the priority of the United States is to discuss the role of the world’s major powers. What role does DBRK play in this?
North Korea certainly wants to work for its current benefit. He learned this in two ways: once he joined the Soviet Union, then the German People’s Republic. Depending on what someone provided. In the 1990s, Jin continued to pursue this diplomacy, with the exception of Korea, Japan and the United States.

LR teaches North Korea as one of the people on the group. I have long believed that the North Korean regime keeps it alive artificially. This became clear during the famine of the 1990s. If it weren’t for LR’s help, he would most likely have collapsed.

If she really wanted to make a change, she wouldn’t be in trouble. There are two million ethnic Koreans in neighboring Mandusk, some of whom have joined the border forces. If necessary, they can intervene in the DPRK in the guise of people volunteers.

This December, it is ten years since Kim Ong-una came to power. How did Kim change during that time?
At first glance, physical greed is obvious. By the time he entered, when he was about 27 years old, he was definitely not that fat. He drinks a lot and his whole family is known to suffer from arthritis.


Kim Ong-an by Novorom talk in 20132018

Ten years later, it is clear that he had hopeful hopes that, once he entered, he would be able to enter into fundamental changes in the political, and at least economic, system, the people of the Republic or the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

He quickly removed the KDR, which was vertical in the first year of his reign, i.e. took over all important positions like his uncle Aung San-tek, the rule was confirmed and the inner day was clear the party would not happen. The pace of fundamental changes in the economic system has not happened even after ten years.

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Speaking from time to time about economic reforms, the DPRK leadership has long been interested in the experience of Vietnam …
As a result of the famine of the 1990s, trade in black markets spread throughout the North Korean economy, and thanks to the accumulation of capital and the spread of corruption, the Small Entrepreneurs Group was formed.


Under the leadership of Kim Onglin, the government tolerated and suppressed these measures, allowing small-scale farming and initiating experiments by introducing conflicting policies in some companies, including personal responsibility, motivation to achieve productivity and the sale of farmland.


This trend, which seems legitimate under the government of Kim Ong-una, especially in the last five years, is tightening social control.

This included a somewhat realistic change in the law, including the perseverance of foreign investment, and the change of affairs that transformed the Thai system of the 1960s with the so-called responsible organization of socialist institutions.

Kimova d

However, the conditions are still not remembered even by those behind Vietnam or the Vietnamese people who are entrepreneurs. The hopeless economic situation will once again force the city to move towards fundamental changes in the economy in the north. But for that we have to repent.

Kim’s sister Kim Joo-ong has seen a lot in recent years. What is his position in the first circles of the regime today?
It represents a female character that is as important in the context of North Korean traditional ideology as any other communist dictatorship. That was Kim Ir-Sena’s mother Kong Ban-chok or later his first wife Kim Ong-chuk, the current leader’s grandmother.

Rhyme has always been the main representative of some women, and until the dissolution of his Miu Anga, Kim Kyung-hui, the sister of former leader Kim Ong, had long been in power. The character is currently played by Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Jo-ong.

When Kim went missing a year ago, speculation arose that she might replace him. I don’t think so. In such a harsh dictatorial regime, in fact, sttoarmdostran, this is not possible. Because the army will carry it out to make it the commander of the forces. My Petbow confirms the fact that Kimov was not elected to the Politburo at the KSP at the last National Conference