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Kinder chocolate salmonella affects 150 children in 9 countries

Kinder chocolate salmonella affects 150 children in 9 countries

Two European health monitoring agencies announced the registration of 150 cases of salmonella in 9 European countries in the recent period, attributing these cases to a “Belgian production factory.” Affiliated with Kinder Corporation (a subsidiary of Ferrero Corporation) TIt was closed a few days ago in the city of Arlon, in the southeast of the capital, Brussels.

The European Food Safety Agency and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control said in a joint statement: “On the 8th of April 2022, 150 confirmed and probable cases of salmonella have been recorded“.

Products made by Kinder and Ferrero (archive)

The two agencies pointed out, “Identification of products prepared from chocolate made by a company inside a Belgian production factory, which has been identified as the origin of the epidemic epicenter of salmonella,” without mentioning the giant Italian group by name.

The statement indicated that the injuries “occurred especially among children under the age of ten” and were reported in nine European countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Salmonella bacteria sometimes cause severe gastrointestinal symptoms, including diarrhea, intestinal cramps, a slight rise in body temperature and vomiting.

No deaths have been reported so far due to eating Kinder chocolate contaminated with bacteria.

The famous Kinder chocolate (archive)

The famous Kinder chocolate (archive)

European experts point to the need for additional investigations to “determine the exact source and exact moment of the infection”, and to research “the wider use of raw materials that cause injuries in other factories.”

On Monday, the Belgian judiciary opened an investigation to determine possible responsibilities inside the Arlon factory, whose license the Belgian Food Safety Agency withdrew on Friday due to a lack of transparency in the case.

The Ferrero factory in Arlon has been closed

The Ferrero factory in Arlon has been closed

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Despite strengthening health supervision and hygiene measures, salmonella-contaminated chocolate products were distributed in Europe and the United States, which led Ferrero on Friday to acknowledge the existence of “internal loopholes”.

As soon as a link was revealed between Kinder products and salmonella infections at the end of March, after Action in this context from the British authoritiesQuantities of these products were withdrawn in several European countries and in the United States And in the Arab countries.

Ferrero indicated that the recall measures include all products made at the Arlon plant, regardless of batch number or expiration date.