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"King Pele" encourages Vinicius to "dance"!

“King Pele” encourages Vinicius to “dance”!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

Before the expected match between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid in the “derby” of the Spanish League “La Liga” tomorrow “Sunday”, at the “Wanda Metropolitano” stadium, the stronghold of “Rokhi Blancos”, Koki, the leader of “Atleti”, suggested to the Brazilian Vinicius Junior, the Real wing, not to celebrate the stark image. Which he performs after every goal he scores, in which he deliberately dances the Brazilian “samba” way, asking him not to do so during the match.
However, this proposal, the first of its kind, was rejected by a group of Brazilian “samba” stars, led by Neymar da Silva, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Rafinha and others, and most importantly, the “black jewel” Pele, the star of Brazil’s stars throughout the ages, stood up to defend his compatriot. The young man, encouraging him to dance as he pleases when he scores a goal.
Koki is afraid that Vinicius’ dance will cause problems at the “Wanda Metropolitano” stadium during the “derby”, and he did not mean at all to anger the Brazilian stars or the Real fans, but Pele did not let the matter go unnoticed, but rather interacted with the situation on the communication networks. The social, defended Vinicius, and even encouraged him to continue dancing as he liked, in order to express his joy, after scoring each goal, pointing out that football should be celebrated as it should, and said: It is a beautiful game, but a real dance and celebration.
Radio and Television Monte Carlo Sport reported that the words of “King Pele” encourage Vinicius to dance more, if he succeeds in scoring against “Roji Blancos”.

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Pele took this occasion, to send a more important human message, in which he said: Even if racism still exists, we will not let it prevent us from continuing to smile and show joy, and we continue to fight against this racism in this way and defend our right to be happy.
Neymar, for his part, addressed a speech to his young compatriot, via social networks, in which he said: Celebrate, my son, and dance as you like, be yourself and do not worry about anyone, and we all dance when you achieve your next goal.