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Kira transforms letters into beautiful paintings with a typewriter

In front of an exhibition of a group of paintings executed using the “point drawing” technique, Kira Rathbone sat in front of her typewriter to execute a set of drawings with great skill by pressing letters and numbers and overlapping them with each other, to come up with distinctive drawings, either of people standing in front of her, or of famous tourist attractions.

British artist Kira says, during the “Art of Writing” event at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, that she draws pictures from life using her typewriter. It instinctively translates what you see into a set of letters, numbers and symbols chosen for their shape and compositional values, resulting in the formation of beautiful images that encourage the viewer to continue looking from different distances, and read more of its letters each time.

Kira explains that she develops and displays images based on attractive themes and often incorporates live audio/visual performances by writing in front of an audience, with video and sound effects in collaboration with other artists.

In front of a large picture of Burj Khalifa, “Kira” says that it was completed in 8 hours. Because of the minute details, while she explained that some drawings take no more than 10 minutes.

And she adds, “I use this art; Because it reflects the world and the people around me, and it enables me to capture moments through this accessible artistic medium, ”noting that typewriter art does not exaggerate the complexity, but allows for a moment to be captured and celebrated in a real shot that reflects beauty and influences.

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Regarding the reason for her resorting to this ancient traditional tool, she said: “The typewriter makes me express myself by representing what I see in front of me through it. This type of art is unique and unique.”

Kira holds a BA Honors Fine Art degree from the University of the West of England (Bristol). Since 2003, she has developed the technique of hand typewriter drawing as a drawing tool.