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اعرف اللون المناسب لمحفظتك حسب علم الطاقة عشان فلوسك ما تطيرش

Know the right color for your wallet according to energy science so that your money doesn’t fly

“The money flies” “as the wallet is perforated.” We often repeat or hear these phrases, commenting on the lack of blessing in money and the speed of its dissipation, and some do not know that the wallet actually has a big factor in this problem, as confirmed by the energy developer, Dr. Maha Al-Attar, for “Al-Youm.” Seventh,” noting that the wallet is meant to save money and has a major factor in increasing or decreasing income. The energy developer explained that each person has a suitable wallet color according to his energy element to support his money energy.

Know the color of your wallet according to your energy element

The person with the wooden element

This person is associated with spring, his energy increases during this time, and his wallet color is black or blue in its shades.

A person who was born in one of these years (1998-1986-1974-1962-2011-1999-1987-1975-1963).

The person with the fire element

The person with the fiery element is associated with summer, so the color of his wallet should be green or olive shades.

A person who was born in one of these years (2002-2014-1990-1978-1966-2001-2013-1989-1977-1965).

The person with the earth element

The suitable wallet color for him is red, havana or violet, and he is often a person who does not care about climatic changes, but knows very well how to make optimal use of his advantages for the benefit of him.

The Earth element was born in one of these years (2000-2012-1988-1976-1964-1952-2006-1994-1982-1970-1958-2009-1985-1973-1961-2003-1991-1979-1967-1955) .

The person with the metal element

He is the person with the element that relates to the autumn season and finds comfort in it, and the color of the wallet suitable for him is beige, yellow or light brown.

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And the element of the metal belongs to the births (2004-1992-1680-1968-1956-1993-1981-1969-1957-2005).

The person with the water element

Winter is the season in which the person with the water element finds more than one way to live his life well, and the color of the wallet is white, gray or pastel.

And the owners of the water element were born (1996-1984-1972-1960-2007-1995-1983-1971-1959).

The energy developer also explained that sometimes two colors are mixed inside and out, to balance the missing elements and support, and we must point out that the wallet is for money only, it is wrong to carry with it anything else such as bills, receipts, or otherwise.


leather wallet
leather wallet