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اعرف مين هى جاكلين ستاب الأردنية الحاصلة على وصيفة Mrs World

Know who is the Jordanian Jacqueline Stabb, the runner-up for Mrs World

Jordan’s Jacqueline Stabb was unable to win the title of “Lady of the World” Mrs. world “, after the American Shailene Ford defeated her in the coronation ceremony of “Lady of the World”, and although Jacqueline, 41, dazzled the judges during the ceremony, with her poise, attendance and self-confidence on the stage in the final of the “Lady of the World” competition, she did not win. for the title, narrowly ahead of her American rival.

Jacqueline Stabb with her family

Jacqueline Stabb
Jacqueline Stabb

lady of the world contest
lady of the world contest

In addition to the title of first runner-up, Jacqueline received an award “harmonyIn the swimwear tour, which is awarded to the contestants for their fun personalities.

Jacqueline is a model, actress and author, who graduated from Stetson University in Florida, after studying marketing and communications. She was born to Jordanian parents who left the Middle East for America, to marry Grammy Award-winning rock star Scott Stabb, with whom she has 3 children.

Jacqueline is interested in children’s rights, as she runs a non-profit organization (children magic magic), aims to raise awareness of children’s issues and provide disadvantaged youth with tools to assist in their education.

Jacqueline was raised by a Jordanian mother who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. In an interview with the judges of the “Lady of the World” competition, she said: “I think that the highest goal is different for each individual,” adding: “For me personally, my mother raised five children as a widow and an immigrant who came to this country, America.”

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She continued, “I lost my father at a very young age and my mother made me thirsty for knowledge and education, so as the lady of the world, I want to help girls get opportunities and education and this is my passion and goal.”