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اعرف عقدتك من برجك .. الحمل نفسه قصير والقوس فاكر نفسه محور الكون

Know your complex from your horoscope.. Aries itself is short, and Sagittarius thinks of itself as the center of the universe

We all have positive and negative aspects in our personalities that may cause many problems over time, and may reflect the impression that we suffer from a complex, where what may be normal for another person turns into a crisis for us, and perhaps this reflects the impression that we have Knot.

The only person

In this report, we monitor the complex that each sign suffers from, according to a report published on the website mail times.

Know your node from your astrological sign:

Aquarius: Responsibility

Aquarius always wants to be independent and do what they like, which makes it complicated for any attempt that affects their freedom or sense of independence, and if you belong to this sign, you should know that you can’t always get what you want, we always need a middle area, we don’t You can live completely free with no responsibilities, but try not to get in the way of your responsibilities, no matter how big your sense of freedom.

Aries: impulsive

Aries is very smart, but he does not think about things before doing them, as he quickly loses patience, which motivates him to do what he wants without thinking about what might go wrong because of this recklessness, he is impulsive in a way that makes him a danger to himself, so if you Born under the sign of Aries, try to be calm, do not make any decision in a moment of haste, and try to give yourself enough opportunity to think.

Know your complex from your astrological sign (2)
rush person

Cancer Horoscope: Boredom

Cancer is great at the beginning of a relationship, but as time goes on, they get bored of the whole relationship, but may still be just as excited if their partner puts the same effort into the relationship, and the flame of love will never go out, and it will keep burning to maintain the relationship, so control In the node, the other end may have more than it is for cancer.

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Capricorn: Seriousness

You are a serious and dependable person, but try not to show your seriousness all the time. It’s okay to show your crazy side sometimes, it makes you likable, and at the same time, it won’t diminish your credibility and the confidence of others in you.

Know your complex from your astrological sign (4)
serious and practical person

Gemini: He does not accept differences

Although you want to be friends with everyone, you cannot accept any big differences between you and others, and this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, so try to accept the other with all his flaws while maintaining your values ​​and principles, accepting the other does not mean that you embrace his thoughts or be like him.

Leo: lack of appreciation

Leos go through a complicated situation, they are generous and friendly one minute and bossy and condescending the next, perhaps because when you give a lot to someone and don’t get what you expect, they don’t react well, so if you’re in a relationship with a Leo, try to Give him the appreciation he deserves.

Libra: failure

Even though you have great ideas when it comes to actual work, but you fall short in implementing them out of fear of failure, you are convinced by the idea that if you don’t try, you won’t fail.

Pisces: Exploitation vs. Love

Pisces is a person who trusts a lot in those around him, his goal is to be loved, even if it means to be exploited, which exposes his feelings to bad, so he must try to protect himself from attempts of exploitation, and not make harvesting people’s love at the expense of his feelings, especially that People in the end do not meet a person.

Know your complex from your astrological sign (1)
emotional person

Sagittarius: Personalizing Things

You are an optimist unless you realize something is wrong with you, you take everything very personally, but you should know that the world does not revolve around you.

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Scorpio: revenge

Scorpio is full of strength and passion, but sometimes these feelings go completely opposite, as it pushes him to always search for emotional revenge, which requires controlling his emotions, and not letting doubt control him so that the relationship does not collapse.

Taurus: Doubt

Taurus always needs to make strong relationships, but this does not happen until after effort because of his inability to trust anyone, which may represent a real complex for him, as dealing with him becomes very difficult, which needs him to control the feeling of doubt. And the mistrust that always grips him.

Know your complex from your astrological sign (3)
suspicious person

Virgo: self-flagellation

Virgo is always inclined to think about everything, which makes dealing with it complicated, because he cares about a lot of small details, moreover, he is good at self-flagellation if he feels that he has failed to reach the image that he has formed of himself.