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Knowledge of the Prophets and Quality of Life in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Knowledge of the Prophets and Quality of Life in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Nations throughout history, through studies and research in worldly sciences, race to achieve a quality of life that man can enjoy on his earthly journey. However, all these studies and research related to the development of the quality of life diminish in front of the role model that God created to be a good example for people; So that the life journey of this role model represents the best quality in the worldly life..; Those are the prophets, peace be upon them, about whom our Prophet Muhammad – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – said: “The prophets did not inherit a dinar or a dirham, but rather they inherited knowledge, so whoever took it; He got lucky.”

Where do people find this great inheritance, which was best transmitted by the successor from the predecessors throughout the past Islamic centuries? In order to achieve the quality of life that the nations and peoples of the earth require, so that we can limit the way and reach the quality of our lives before any nation or people have harnessed their studies and research for this goal.

Since the era of the founder King Abdulaziz – may God have mercy on him – the Kingdom has been interested in the knowledge of the prophets (creed and Sharia) and has preserved and collected its containers from the libraries of the world. Until the Kingdom’s efforts in this aspect became clear in preserving the two revelations through: First: Taking care of the Book of God, printing and publishing it on a large scale at home and abroad. Second: Taking care of the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet, printing its original sources and publishing it at home and abroad. Third: the establishment of universities specialized in the knowledge of the prophets (creed and Sharia) to graduate generations of scholars and students of knowledge capable of understanding this science as the righteous predecessors understood it, who transmitted it and preserved it until it reached us so that we, in turn, can transfer it to future generations faithfully as we received it from our righteous predecessors.

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Whereas, the Kingdom has strived in the theoretical and scientific aspect first and secondly, it is not hidden from anyone; I may focus on the applied aspect in third, where the universities are specialized in the science of the prophets; Did these universities perform the role for which they were established? What is the reality of those universities? What is hoped for in this period in which the Kingdom is taking confident steps towards its Vision 2030?

The one who contemplates the universities, colleges and departments in the Kingdom in which the citizens learn the knowledge of the prophets, or plucks and pieces of it, will find these universities, colleges and departments focus on:

1 – Theoretical side: There are curricula, scientific plans, and decisions governed by a theoretical side approved by specialized committees that codify the science presented.

2 – The practical side: there are professors, lecturers, citizens and contractors who teach the approved courses for male and female students.

The one who meditates on the practical side, which is what my talk will revolve around, finds the need and strength to control this important aspect in the educational process in the field of presenting (the science of the prophets) to male and female students..

The knowledge of the prophets must be presented free of:

Deviation in belief, Sharia and da’wah; Any deviation in these three areas means closing the door to the knowledge of the prophets, and entering into the labyrinths of misguided sects and sects.

– Monopoly in a certain way, and the disruption of the mind that leads to the sanctification of persons and selves; Because the knowledge of the prophets is the knowledge that leads to God the Creator, and it is the knowledge that gives everyone his right.

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Uncontrolled ijtihad with the controls of innovation or propagation is one of the issues amenable to ijtihad that is beneficial to humanity. and yet; The knowledge of the prophets that established the kingdom – as confirmed by Article 1 of the Basic Law of Governance – is based on its two original sources, the Book and the Sunnah; It is the river on which our country’s ship travels. It is from this knowledge that the Kingdom’s vision 2030 was drawn after a careful reading of a more quality future for the lives of our generations. For this reason, the Kingdom has endeavored and will strive to present the knowledge of the prophets in the manner in which the quality of life of male and female citizens will be controlled, regardless of the size of the enemy’s infiltration of our education system. Until they abused the most important legacy in our lives, which is the legacy of the prophets of God, peace be upon them.

The knowledge of the prophets, who is preserved from God, of memorizing His Book and the Sunnah of the Seal of His Prophets, peace and blessings be upon him, does not require, after the efforts of the Kingdom to gather it, but care to choose the one who presents it to the people as education and role model; And that is the mission of (universities) in our country, which were established by the rational state, and billions have been spent on them. To be at the level of the aspirations and wishes of the rulers – may God preserve them – of goodness and a quality of life for their citizens and the children of humanity as a whole.

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