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Koenigsegg publicly released Supersport Hybrid Gemer for the first time, listen to it

Koenigsegg publicly released Supersport Hybrid Gemer for the first time, listen to it

The Koenigsegg Gemer is – or may be, development still in progress – so far the only one in the world with a three-cylinder engine inside. This has been known for a long time, gemera introduced itself two years ago. But the world had never heard of the three cylinders before.

Christian von Koenigsegg showed the public a prototype of the TC1 gemera and did what fans had been waiting for months – at 2:29, the internal combustion engine started and revealed to the world what a three-cylinder sports car looks like.

The engine is called a “Tiny Friendly Giant” and it’s really small, at least in terms of super sports. It has a volume of 2 liters and thanks to the supercharging of the two turbochargers, it gives out 612 hp and 601 Nm, provided that it is able to run on petroleum gasoline, methanol, ethanol E85 or E100.

Since each of these fuels has a different octane number, depending on which driver is refueling, the engine has a different maximum power. This depends on the compression ratio, and therefore the boost pressure of the turbochargers, which in the event of a low octane number of the fuel must be limited in order to avoid detonation combustion.

The engine uses FreeValve technology, which controls the valves with pneumatic pistons rather than camshafts. He can open it faster and more accurately than the camera. In addition to lower power consumption, thanks to the individual control of the individual valves, the engine can operate in the classic Otto, Miller or Atkinson cycle, which can reduce fuel consumption with lower engine requirements, and, conversely, higher power when the driver wants the engine maximum power.

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However, Gemera is a plug-in hybrid that adds three electric motors to the internal combustion engine; One for rear-wheel drive and a third, which is attached to the PTO shaft and helps the three cylinders drive the front wheels. In this way, the car itself charges a 15 kWh battery if necessary. The car has a total power of 1,268 megawatts, or 1,724 horsepower.