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Křivoklátsko and distillery.  CC Arch offers a selection of the most interesting architecture

Křivoklátsko and distillery. CC Arch offers a selection of the most interesting architecture

Looking for really high-end architecture might sound like looking for a needle in a haystack these days, filled with uniform satellites and monotonous buildings with brown fields. However, the really fun architecture full of unique ideas is not dead. In the world, but also in our country, things are being created that can please the knowledgeable and ignorant eye, a little research of the patient suffices.

At our CC Arch Architecture, we look back at projects like this with a visual selection of the most interesting things from the home and from around the world. Overview includes simple homes, large complexes, buildings standing on solid foundations and floating above the ground, with a roof and clear view of the clouds, and new and renovated buildings, where people live, work and relax.


Own kingdom near Křivoklát

Building the first and last house in life requires really careful selection of the site. However, finding one that meets all of your requirements can be quite a challenge. However, Tomáš Pfeffer found such a place and after forty years he replaced life in Prague with the Kلالivoklát hills. He settled in it with a bench that appears to have been standing here from a long time ago.

The place he chose is far from everyone, yet it is relatively close to everything. It is within walking distance of Prague and thanks to the wonderful views, the action in the spacious surroundings takes place right outside the windows. The selected land is located in a protected natural area surrounded by greenery and orchards.

The house floor plan works with a monolithic pair of sunken buildings in the slope

Photo: KIVA

From the beginning, Tomáš Pfeffer’s idea was to replace the original building, which stood on the plot, with a country house in the spirit of a family home, combining open trusses with reinforced concrete and wood. And all in a style where the object in the landscape does not seem like a fist to the eye. “Creating a comfortable home with modern architecture and at the same time disturbing the local nature and the charm of isolation as little as possible was the biggest challenge in the entire project,” Pfeffer confirms.

Pavel Lazarov from the studio helped to cope with this challenge Fandament Architects. He designed a chalet combining elements of a wooden building and a monolith intertwined with its surroundings in perfect harmony. “It is not usual for neighbors, tourists and passers-by to say about an attractive new building in the middle of a protected natural area, as it is said to sit there as an obstacle on a pot. This happens to our home. I accept it with great humility and gratitude. Thomas Pfeffer says.

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Partially located on a slope, the building combines two interconnected buildings with open interiors. Minimalism prevails with wood and dark surfaces. While one part of the building is for the personal use of the homeowner and provides private bedroom and facilities, the other part functions mainly for social purposes. There is, for example, a kitchen with a spacious living room and dining room.

Outside there was a pergola with barbecue, swimming pool and cellar, but mainly the old grove. Although Tomás Pfeiffer originally bought the land without him, he gradually began to buy parts of it and plant trees. Thanks to this, the total amount of investment increased to tens of millions of crowns.

Chalet 3

The entire concept is supposed to evoke a classic mountain chalet, but it doesn’t want to attract too much attention in the space

Photo: KIVA

Chalet 10

Views from home can be incredible

Photo: KIVA


A new distillery bearing the characteristic of bygone times

Reconstruction of the former barns, barns and pub area, including the inclusion of an entirely new distillery. The studio’s architects had to deal with all of this ADR. They were commissioned to design a new form of farm building from the 19th century in Javornice, Southern Bohemia.

The Javornická distillery has been rebuilt with feeling and effort to give the historic building a new face, but it is still very historic. The design worked with the original division of the buildings, which was freed from all new extensions. The complex of buildings was supplemented by new brewery constructions, a garage with a log cabin and, above all, a distillery. Its site is designed to create a partially enclosed patio.


Although the objects are visually different, together they form a compact complex

Photo: BoysPlayNice

The buildings, nestled in a hilly environment, combine a lime white façade, which literally illuminates the hilly setting. The wooden panels were chosen for a single building and the distillery itself was not painted, only the construction was painted white. FatherTerracotta color predominates even in interiors.

There is also an apparent effort to adhere to the original architectural principles with an emphasis on minimalism. “The wood stove in the middle of the kitchen is very interesting, as the smoke from the stove is removed through a horizontal floor channel into a classic vertical chimney in the wall,” He points to an interesting element of Aleš Lapka from ADR.

The steel spiral staircase, which is one of the dominant elements of the distillery, is definitely worthy of attention. Although the rebuilding of the Javornice house required an investment of close to 20 million kroner, it is a very interesting proof that modern reconstruction can be done with feeling and thus the building does not stand out much in the surrounding buildings.

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Beehive Energy Research by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid was one of the most important architects of the modern era. The works I left behind sometimes feature an extraterrestrial concept and strong handwriting, and the studio spreads their message further. Zaha Hadid Architects. One of the architect’s unfinished projects is the establishment of the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center.

The campus is located on the northern edge of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and is home to a global non-profit energy research organization that brings together experts from more than 15 countries. Their mission is to explore and solve various issues related to energy both locally and globally in the name of maximum efficiency.

Zaha 1

The appearance of the KAPSARC HQ is unique and unparalleled in the world

Image: Zaha Hadid Architects

In a way, this goal is mirrored in the building itself, whose appearance was finally completed in 2017. On an area of ​​69,677 square meters, there is a building consisting of individual parts with a honeycomb floor plan, attached to a huge canopy roof. All this gives an unusual look not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

The building is located with its back against the strong sun of the Arabian Peninsula, and at the same time opens its arms to the desert winds striking it from all sides. Inside, there are several purpose-built centers, including a power center, computer center, convention center, and science library, along with a prayer room.


The interior is well ventilated and bright thanks to the impressive canopy roof

Image: Zaha Hadid Architects

The proposed collector solution attempts to effectively manage the light coming into the building and the high temperatures characteristic of the local climate. Also aiding the entire design is the intricate shape, littered with dramatic quarries and cliffs. Electricity is sourced from photovoltaic panels located on the roof and environmentally managed by water. Sustainability was also reflected in the materials chosen during the construction of the building, which are 40% recyclable.

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Looking back at the architecture of the past month

The newly planned Chytré Líchy district near Brno is also focusing on sustainability. Through her concept, she wants to achieve comfortable living, good-neighborly relations as well as the ability to adapt to the changes that the coming years will bring.

The unique wing of an English opera house also wants to adapt. Thanks to materials such as marine animal remains, fungi, and cork, this is an ecological building ready to return to nature at any time.

Eleven design units that stand in the forests of the Low Tatras are also closely related to nature. These are available for guests of a local hotel, who can not only enjoy views of the deep firs but can also enjoy skiing on the nearby slopes or the local sauna.

Ark of Sanctuary 4

Eleven things are Jasná’s new hidden beauty

Photo: BoysPlayNice

Conversely, a new Impact Hub will be built in the heart of the city. It will be built on the main street of Tomáš Bata in Zlín, close to the original silo. The building will provide offices, spaces for events and entertainment, and a coffee shop or spacious roof from which you can watch the cityscape and work.

Prague approved a new form of Smíchov railway station, which really deserves to be innovated. It should become a modern transportation hub, which would provide facilities for not only train passengers, but also those wishing to travel by tram or bus.

We will be using trains, trams and buses to transport us for some time to come, however, the latest trends are in favor of more innovative transportation. One of them is the so-called hyperloop. A recent visualization from Hyperloop Transportation Technologies shows what his station might look like.

The Rimac campus, which aims to show the power of the emerging Croatian player in electric mobility, is also linked to mobility. At the same time, it will host the production and management of the brand itself, but also serve its customers, who will become an important part of the entire complex.


Carmaker Rimac introduced the new campus design

Photo: Remak