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Křižíkova Street in Karlín has been voted one of the most beautiful streets in the world

Křižíkova Street in Karlín has been voted one of the most beautiful streets in the world

Křižíkova Street running through Karlín in Prague

Photo: checkcrunch

At around 1.6 kilometers in length, it hides a number of beloved businesses and runs through the Karlín district of Prague from Florence to Invalidovna. Kižíkova Street is a place where the crowds of tourists don’t flock, but which can still attract with its environment and performances. So much so that it was a magazine time out It was chosen as one of the most fashionable streets in the world.

In a new ranking compiled for the first time this year by the editors of the online magazine, interested Kižíkova Street in Prague is the eleventh place and leaves behind places like 30The tenth Avenue, chosen by the same people last year as the best street in New York, the Mariannenstraße in Berlin or the culturally and socially busy Gran Vía in Madrid, Spain.

“The elegant Art Nouveau facades and lofts alternate with shabby dwellings. Locals roam with dogs, while employees of multinational corporations buy Vietnamese sandwiches or Georgian khachapuri before heading back to shiny, converted factories.” David Creighton, a member of the magazine’s editorial board writes time out, which once chose Carlin as one of the coolest neighborhoods.

The residents, who were to be based on nearly 27,000 opinions of readers and city dwellers, on Karlínská Křižíkova Street, were interested not only in the surrounding architecture, led by the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius in Karlínské náměstí and a lot of trees, but above all the availability of interesting business.

If you like to eat and drink, they recommend Nejen Bistro. If you’re with friends and want to relax somewhere, the editors highlight Karlín Barracks with a large patio also dedicated to the summer cinema. From the point of view of the shops, she was interested in Beer Mosaic, where different types of beer, wine or supplies could be purchased.

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After all, as with similar classifications, this is the opinion of very narrow groups of people. However, that must be added time out He already has experience evaluating different places around the world in terms of livelihoods, work and the like, and their rankings are among the favorites. However, comparing streets from around the world in one listing is a first-of-its-kind experience for editors.

Smith Street in Melbourne, Australia won the fantasy gold this year, which according to the magazine time out Their businesses are diverse – from wine bars to Vietnamese bakeries to record stores. Passeig de Sant Joan took second place in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and South Bank in London took bronze.