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Krplek needed a medal from Europe. Right to Tokyo, me zat

It can’t even be a Fatou drama.

Meanwhile, Krplek seemed to control the bronze. He drove the second minute from the end, then first and foremost was a duel of chopping.

I managed to throw it on my wazari and then rub it gently, prescribed esk judoka.

Then I drank. 57 seconds before the end, when Krplek cried, according to his words, he jumped, which is what Or Sasson used and scored straight.

It was compared, it was extended.

And I was very upset that I did that at all. But in a long time I started it, it was a ndhernho thing. I managed to quickly throw it and win again, I’m so happy about that, 30-year-old Goduka is smiling.

Thus Krplek won his sixth European medal, an aunt from the current over 100 kilogram category. Have a taste of European Polish in Prague.

A failed year

He graduated from the European Championships in Lisbon in less than half a year.

She was distinguished. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this crack has moved from spring to late fall.

And Krplek didn’t perform well at all.

He didn’t want a simple year at all, the whole season was great.

Krplek’s preparation was elusive. During the year he was unable to leave for a traditional camp in Japan. In fact, he did not give Earth in days. He had to live most of the preparations in domestic conditions, which is a problem in the Czech Republic.

We often had fun with the little ones, which helped. Pizpsob is considered in qualities and intensity, which is another factor in the showers of the two young and early heroes. But for the elderly, the opposite is true, they are not equal in the same way. That is why we need quality camps abroad, Peter Lasina.


One of the few foreign camps was in Turkey, where the echm was available for twenty Turks. dn of them, however, does not belong to the Krplka category.

There he fought with ninety, hundreds. Prost at the level that we were able to provide. But he did not hide Latsen in the same way, as he did in Japan or in the camps where the best judges meet.

In front of the ampion, Krplek sold covid. He drank thorns a week, and when he returned, he was not, his head hurts with some thorns.

It is also for this reason that he did not reach the medal in Prague.

Bow studied well, prepared for N. but then was slow to respond, lacking washing. In order to tyikrt fall to the Ministerial in one championship? This may never have happened, Lil Lacina.

Change for the better

It wasn’t looking very straight this year either.

At the end of the year, Krplek went to camp abroad, and he wanted to go to popular Japan. Tall was better prepared for the Tokyo Olympics, but he couldn’t. The camps were destroyed, so she was seduced. When Krplek drank to the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv, he withdrew with his first opponent.

Also for this reason, he fought in Prague at the European Judo Open Championship and so on at Grand Slam in Turkey, where he finished his aunt and showed what his ascension looked like.

That is why before the start in Lisbon he claimed: Mm left him in those beginnings in the seasons. Also, what a seductive wash to do, it can be a good journey. Even if you prepared yourself, we did a lot of work. We completed good camps in Uzbekistan, Turkey. Hope it’s enough for it to ring at the weekend.

She stood up, even if it was a fight.

In the first round, Karblick got a free draw, and in the second round he had to defeat Alexander Vachovgak, with whom he lost first in Tel Aviv.

Tack soup. Unpleasant, but I had something to give it back and was able to have it after those minutes. We got to Earth, I made it my favorite style and I hit it, Lil Karbalik.

It looked similar in the quarter against Levani Mattiaveli. This time also, the esk ampion had more belt winding power, it beat him to the ground.

This did not apply to the unfortunate Henk Gul.

The immortal tk zpas, unfortunately, I made one mistake, rushed in a hurry, turned me around, turned me back, and that was like an ebon, Krplek describes.

But he did not have to regret.

Skpllm’s performance in extended bronze battles with Israeli Sasson Krplek finally won the medal.

This may have been the case during the final start before the Tokyo Olympics.

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