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Simona Kubová si vystoupení na domácí scéně užívala

Kubova at the European Championships: I have fond memories of Budapest. What awaits her in the bubble?

She returned to her happy city. Mark Simona Kopova remembers Budapest thanks to the success of the 2017 World Cup, appearing in the finals after a problematic period and competing last fall in the captivating ISL League. The European Championships kicks off on Sunday at the Dona Arena.

Are you happy that the tournament is taking place in Budapest?
“In 2017 it was a comeback, I was happy that I swam the Czech record and advanced to the finals. I have good memories of that city. Last year I lived a bubble here, I know how it will go. We also live in the same hotel. Only conditions are tougher than they were.” On him in the fall. It will be difficult. It is strange to be locked in the hotel and on the bus for twelve days. But it will be a race for quality, even with all the necessary measures. “

What will you do in the bubble?
“The last time I drew, my coffee maker, I watched the District Championships. Everyone should be prepared for a long time and use it so that they don’t lie in bed and watch movies. Everyone should have an activity in which to participate and it can relieve stress.”

You completed the training camp before the European Championship kicked off in Bodoli, so why didn’t you go somewhere warm?
“We lived near the pool, the training conditions were great. It served a purpose. We were four, which is an ideal number. The disadvantage was that the Podolsk pool was relatively cold.”

I used to talk about how to argue about training with amateur swimmers in training, that was a nice change, wasn’t it?
“It was stone. In Podolí, we had a path where we shot four and we didn’t have to fight with the crowd, which is cool. Some people were there, but we had nothing to complain about. In our place in Chomotov, we also had to pay Like sardines on bars. We were alone or two on the track in Bodoli, I haven’t experienced that throughout my career. “

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You made changes to your pre-season training, how do you work?
“We shared things from American trainer Dave Sala and the Japanese coach. We swim more with an emphasis on the second half of the race, which is crucial. Training is developing well. Tomáš Franta also says he enjoys it more when there are more running stimuli. Fitting, I think.” Tomás will be able to swim at the Olympic frontier. “

What discipline are you targeting in European Championships?
“I’m going for a hundred. Fifty is very fast, either he comes out or he doesn’t. Watch my European Championship finals in Glasgow in 2018, where I slipped off at the start. I no longer have ideas and a head for two hundred.”

You finally added your new name to the Czech record tables in Budapest last year at the age of 50 in a short set, can you rewrite the Czech times this time as well?
“I do everything in my power to replace my original name with Copova. But in March and April I had a more complex training and race. My father didn’t originally want me to go to the European Championship. But I want to race to know I’m heading in the right direction.”

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