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Kubova would like to have a medal and aplomb from Budapest, but this year's most important medal is Tokyo - ČT sport - Czech Television

Kubova would like to have a medal and aplomb from Budapest, but this year’s most important medal is Tokyo – ČT sport – Czech Television

In the time of Covid, tournament preparation was not easy. “It’s been complicated for more than a year. We go to the just open pools – communicate with their managers. I hope things get better soon,” says the site, who, like most other tournament participants, is preparing for the Olympic season in Tokyo.

Swimming is a great sport in Hungary and the tournament should be well prepared in all respects. “It’s swimming power,” Kubova says, “they can always prepare it and the area is beautiful,” but she knows that life in a bubble awaits them again. “It would be very strict, we could not go out at all, just a pool, a hotel or a bus,” he explains, what awaits them.

The best Czech swimmer in recent times already secured participation in the Tokyo Olympics two years ago and everything is in the way of her. “This year’s season is not great yet, times are pretty average. I still have to compare something in my head and to the training sessions and hopefully close to my best time,” he believes.

So far, they have no idea what the competition in Budapest will be like, because everyone understands differently to prepare for the peak season. But it is the same and clear. “One hundred characters are my main specialty. I’d like a medal, but I don’t know who’s coming there,” says the swimmer, who wasn’t very excited about her times this year. “I would like to get close to my personal character, which I created four years ago. This will boost my self-confidence,” she added.

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She also likes to go to the Olympics with the relay position, for which she swam the Olympic frontier in races in Uzbekistan. But that’s a problem, because time scams popped up there and were eventually canceled. “They don’t even want to acknowledge the time,” he says, “but since the union recorded it, we hope they will recognize it. For now, we hope it will be closed by the end of May.”

The Olympic Games in Japan will be her last. By what chances is he going there? “Someone can burn, someone can be surprised. That would be the question. I’m doing my best for it and I’d like to go to the finals. I’ve seen the pool, it’s like London, where I was surprised and finished 10. I don’t know yet,” Because they will not let us go now, “he explains what it looks like in the Coronavirus.

It also doesn’t follow much from its biggest competitors. He describes his view of reality: “It bothers me when they swim well and I get bad. I just try to pay attention to myself and not notice my surroundings.”