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Kubová's gif was grateful that she was able to share an Olympic farewell with her father

Kubová’s gif was grateful that she was able to share an Olympic farewell with her father

Updates: 29.07.2021 16:38

TOKYO – Mobile signer Simona Kupova was grateful to have been able to share her Olympic farewell with her father. Tomas Bommert entered the Czech national team as their coach and was there when his daughter competed in the third and final Olympics. The results were marked by sore throat, which she had before the start of the Olympic competitions.

“I am glad to have had the opportunity to represent the Czech Republic for the third time. I wrote postcards the day before the race for the 100 and wrote there that no matter how the races go, they are great here. Olympic Games this was a 200m moving swimmer today said: It’s always been my dream, and I’ve done it three times in nine years, and I don’t think many people can say that. And I’m proud of that.” Swimming.

She finished the race just as if she was deep-hundred in the losers’ field, so her only successful Olympic run was to run in 2012. There she placed tenth in the 100-meter mark, while twenty-one separates from the final. “I’m glad the first Olympic Games in London were so great. Unfortunately, I won’t do anything about the last two Olympics,” said the 30-year-old.

Her father was also in London, but only then as a spectator. He saved her because he bought her an Olympic-race swimsuit at the store when she tore up two races. This time, Tomasz Bommert directly joined the Olympic team. I’m so happy. I’m so happy, so grateful. He could have experienced it all with me, and it means so much to me,” she said, tears running down her wet cheeks.

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Although she did not do well in the Olympic season, she had good training and thought he would stop in Tokyo. All plans were scattered because of a sore throat. She received antibiotics at an acclimatization camp in Kochi, but was able to race. It turned out better than beach volleyball player Markéta Nausch Sluková, who, like Kupova, postponed the end of her career due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, but was denied a positive coronavirus test at the Olympics. “It must have been horrible when I found out. When it happens to a little guy, it’s different. She was very unlucky, and I can’t imagine what was going on in her head when she found out. It just had to be horribly fair,” she sympathized. With her teammate, who ended up alone in seclusion instead of playing on a sandy court.

When the Olympics were postponed last spring due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kupova thought about what would happen next. You have decided to persevere and do not regret it. “It was worth it. I started again in the International Swimming League, broke another Czech record and helped the girls reach the relay center in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, even though we didn’t get there in the end. These are great experiences I am a Chumutov swimmer said” We will remember him for a long time.”

She won the last medal at the 2013 European Short Pool Championships in Herning, where she was a gold at 50. The last time she came close to medals before the pandemic was at the 2019 European Short Pool Championships, where she placed fifth three times. It won’t last until the 2024 Olympics in Paris. “It’s been three years. It’s only been said for three years. But it’s a tough time. My best age for swimming is around twenty and I’m thirty. And you know it. You won’t find many girls older here than me on the starting list.” It’s just a natural progression, I explained.

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But he will end the swimming season this year. From August 23, she will once again participate in the International Swimming Association (ISL), which can then run into November and December. “I’ll probably finish the whole fall. The question is if even with the European Championships and the World Championships (in the short pool). I leave that open now. If I go there, I just want to know that I’m fine and can attack for medals and in the world finals” Kupova added.

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