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Kuruluş Osman, founder Osman, episode 76, with subtitles, season three|  Shah's flag end

Kuruluş Osman, founder Osman, episode 76, with subtitles, season three| Shah’s flag end

The series “The Resurrection of Othman”, episode 76, with full subtitles, is expected by many fans and lovers of Turkish drama. Today, Wednesday of every week, the official date set for the presentation of the series, founder Othman bin Artgrel Al-Ghazi, where the seventy-sixth episode of the Othman series, the third season, will be shown via the frequency of the ITV channel. The Turkish satellite ATV is not subtitled, and the episode with Arabic subtitles is shown on a number of websites that have the right to display the episodes of the series “The Resurrection of Othman 76” with full subtitles in Arabic, including the “Love Story” website. Tomorrow, Thursday, December 23, 2021.

The Resurrection Othman series, episode 76, with full subtitles

A strong interaction from the followers of the wonderful historical drama, the resurrection of Othman bin Ertugrul Al-Ghazi, after watching the promotional advertisement, episode 76, the founder Othman, especially after watching the Seljuk state’s quest to undermine Othman and his trial to get rid of him, but bin Ertugrul succeeded as usual in escaping from the enemies before starting his trial.

Kuruluş Osman Founder Osman

The events of the Resurrection Osman series, episode 76, include many exciting events, after Nicola offered to marry Princess Maria, but Maria refused his request, so that Nicolas’s heart ignited with anger instead of love and feelings of affection for her and began to think of revenge on her. On the other hand, Othman and his warrior managed to free The kidnapped children, and Mellon is looking for a traitor who will pass on the news of the Kaby tribe to the enemies.