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Kuwait and Britain establish a strategic dialogue

  • Salem Al-Abdullah: Promoting bilateral cooperation and mutual coordination to achieve common interests between the two countries.
  • UK Foreign Minister: Partnership between the two countries continues to strengthen despite changes

The first round of strategic dialogue meetings between Kuwait and the United Kingdom was held in London, the British capital, where the Kuwaiti side was led by Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah, while the British side was led by James Cleverley. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

At the start of the meeting, Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah conveyed the greetings of Prince Sheikh Nawab Al-Ahmad and Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad to King Charles III of Great Britain. Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah’s sincere greetings to the leadership of Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom and their best wishes for the continued growth, prosperity, progress and prosperity of the Government and the people and the United Kingdom. And its friendly people.

Appreciating the strength and durability of the historic friendship between the two countries, he emphasized the importance of promoting bilateral cooperation and mutual integration to achieve common interests between the two friendly countries. Comprehensive and comprehensive positions to achieve the common welfare of the two allies and peoples.

Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah praised the strength of the close cooperation between the two friendly countries in various international forums, expressed his desire to continue the consolidation of this cooperation at all levels, and appreciated the valuable position reached by the strong strategic and historical friendship. Between Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

For his part, the UK Foreign Minister expressed his country’s pride in the course of close friendship and strategic partnership with Kuwait in all fields, appreciated the high levels it has achieved and hopes to advance to wider horizons and strengthen its foundations at all levels. .

He explained that despite the many and major changes the world is going through, the comprehensive strategic partnership between the United Kingdom and Kuwait is witnessing growth, strength and durability.

On the other hand, the UK Foreign Secretary praised the level of constant communication and cooperation between the two allies in the international arena, expressing his appreciation for Kuwait’s wisdom and its efforts in coordinating the balance and pillars of its foreign policy. Maintaining security and peace in the region.

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During the dialogue between the Foreign Ministers of the two friendly countries, they discussed the latest developments in the regional and international arena, exchanged views on intensifying cooperation in the field of international multilateral activities and discussed ways to enhance joint cooperation to counter recent developments. Ways of cooperation in the course of humanitarian support for civilians in Ukraine regarding a number of important issues, including the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and other regional and international issues of common interest.

The first round of work on the strategic dialogue between Kuwait and the United Kingdom culminated in an agreement to establish a strategic dialogue between the two friendly countries, which is considered the beginning of many strategic dialogues and a road map for a bright future. The close ties between the two allies and the continuation of the eternal march of cooperation and joint work between Kuwait and the United Kingdom are for mutual aspirations and aspirations and to achieve the common vision of the leaderships of the two allies in a broad vision of the borders and a broader future that reflects those aspirations and achieves the common interests of the two allies and peoples.

Both sides expressed their common desire to hold the second round of strategic dialogue between Kuwait and the United Kingdom in Kuwait next year.

State Investment Minister

He held talks with Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah, Investments Minister at the Ministry of International Trade Lord Dominic Johnson and several senior British officials.

During the talks, they reviewed the strategic partnership relations between Kuwait and the UK, ways to strengthen and develop them in various key financial and investment sectors.

Both sides recalled the overall achievements of the two friendly countries in achieving the steady development of cooperation and partnership in various important and important sectors, especially in the economic and investment sectors. The Kuwait Investment Office in London in 1953, as witnessed this year. Many of these reflect the excellent and outstanding relationship between the State of Kuwait and the United Kingdom. Celebrating 70 years of success.

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Both sides affirmed their mutual interest in promoting and developing economic and investment partnership and exploring new areas to keep pace with technological development in the energy and renewable energy sectors, as well as promising major opportunities for long-term investments in this framework. And to initiate strategic partnership for the mutual benefit of the two countries and their allies for wider and wider horizons.

After the talks, Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah, in the presence of Lord Dominic Johnson and many senior British officials, participated in the ceremony of closing the gates of the Tower of London (Ceremony of the Keys), which is considered one of the most important historical ceremonies of the British monarchy.

National Security Adviser

The Foreign Secretary also met Sir Tim Power, the friendly National Security Adviser of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The meeting discussed the close historical ties linking Kuwait with the United Kingdom and its stations and historical evidence spanning more than a century. The process of joint cooperation between the two friendly countries was also reviewed. regional and international arenas and developments in the region.

During the meeting, ways to enhance joint cooperation between the two sides, to benefit both friendly peoples and the people of the region, to support efforts to establish peace and stability in the region, and political developments were discussed. and discusses the various areas of cooperation in ways that promote the security situation of the region and the common interests and benefits of both countries and their friendly peoples.

Speaker of the British House of Commons

The Foreign Secretary met Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland in the British Parliament.

At the start of the meeting, the Minister conveyed the greetings of the leadership, government and people of Kuwait to the UK leadership, government and people, and their best wishes for continued growth, prosperity and progress for the UK and its friendly people. . During the meeting, the Minister appreciated the continued development of the close historical and strategic relations between Kuwait and its ally, the UK, at the level of joint cooperation in various fields and key and developmental sectors. Friendly relations and bilateral goodwill for the wider and wider horizons in the interest of both friendly nations and peoples.

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For his part, the Speaker of the House of Commons praised the friendly and historic ties that bind Kuwait and the United Kingdom, as well as the continued growth and development of the cooperation process between the two allies. To support and promote cooperation between the two countries in a manner that serves the common interests of the two allies and achieves the aspirations of the two allies.

Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah, Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Nagel Evans, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Alisha Cairns, MP. Rehman Chishti met with the Chairman of the House of Lords and House of Commons and the Parliamentary Committee on Relations with Kuwait. , with the participation of several members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Foreign Minister congratulated the Kuwaiti leadership, government and the people of the United Kingdom and expressed their best wishes for the continued growth, prosperity, progress and prosperity of the United Kingdom. and efforts to enhance the historic trend of close ties between its friendly people, Kuwait and the friendly United Kingdom.

They also discussed frameworks for promoting joint activities in various fields and ways to improve its relations at all levels, especially exploring promising investment and business opportunities in the two friendly countries, promoting the role of women and social development, supporting youth and exchanging experiences. Cyber ​​security fields and emerging technologies to tackle climate change and its effects.