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Kuwait Newspaper |  British Ambassador: It is good to empower women in Kuwait

Kuwait Newspaper | British Ambassador: It is good to empower women in Kuwait

Participated in a workshop for embassies entitled “Women in the Lead”.

Belinda Lewis, British Ambassador to Kuwait, praised the active role of Kuwaiti women in the community and the confidence of the political leadership in their role in various fields.

This took place during a workshop held yesterday by the British Embassy in Kuwait on “Women in Leadership” on the eve of Kuwait Women’s Day.

In a statement to KUNA, Lewis added, “Compared to many other countries, Kuwait is better empowered for women … I have seen an educated society with a motivation.”

For her part, the British Minister for Asia and the Middle East, Amanda Milling, confirmed that women in Kuwait have achieved high status in business, public and political affairs.

During the workshop, Nouf al-Masidi and Abdullah al-Kanini presented a study on political economy and gender issues, highlighting the incentives needed for women to be candidates and the support they deserve to achieve success, and their importance. Encourage the participation of more women in the political system and strengthen the social outlook of women, as an active decision maker, win seats and generate positive income.

According to Lina al-Awadi and Azhar Hayat, two of the founders of the “Madavi Registration” (an electronic platform that supports female candidates and increases the presence of women in elected councils) confirmed the increase in the number of women in leadership positions. Improving their presence in the civil work environment helps to alleviate family problems.

Each year, May 16 has become a historic day for Kuwaiti women, a holiday that marks their political rights and their participation in the field, reflecting the political leadership’s belief in the role of women in various fields and their interest in empowering them. In decision-making stages.

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On May 16, 2005, Kuwaiti women gained their political rights through candidacy and elections, which were officially recognized by the National Assembly before the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Ahmad decided to grant them. Their political rights and the government transferred the draft law to parliament for a vote and approval.

In fact, the 2006 National Assembly elections saw the first participation of women in women’s candidacy and electioneering, and women’s political experience culminated in their participation in the 2008 elections, resulting in the attendance of four female delegates to Abdullah al-Hashimi. -The Salem Stadium is on the path of progressing Kuwait to achieve the equality of half of society and half of mankind in the development work that the country is achieving in various fields, proving the pioneering role of Kuwait.