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Kuwait.. The release of the British woman who had a tattoo of the Quranic verse (photo)



Kuwait..British tattoo owner released with financial guarantee

Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Rai” reported that the authorities had breached a financial guarantee for the British resident arrested on charges of “violating the sanctity of religion”.

She added that the British young woman signed a pledge to remove the “tatto” from her leg, which includes a Quranic verse.

A security source told Al-Rai newspaper that the British woman, who is not over thirty years old and works in one of the foreign schools in Kuwait, reported during the investigations with her that the “tatto” that contains four words, and led to her arrest on Friday, is not new, but rather tattooed before two years in her country.

She confirmed that the writing caught her attention and considered it an inscription, and she did not know that it was a Quranic verse.

The source added that, based on the statements of the accused, she was released with a financial guarantee, after she signed a pledge to remove the tattoo.

The Kuwaiti newspaper had published a story about a citizen reporting a British resident he saw in a private hospital in Hawalli Governorate, after he noticed a Quranic verse written on her leg in the form of a “tatto”, where the security men moved to her place and were arrested and referred to the police station, and a violation case was registered. The sanctity of religions against it.

Source: Al-Rai Kuwaiti newspaper

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