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Kuwaiti Jawaher reveals painful details about her treatment journey "video"

Kuwaiti Jawaher reveals painful details about her treatment journey “video”

Kuwaiti artist Jawaher spoke, during a television interview, about the beginning of her illness and cancer and how she discovered the matter.

Kuwaiti Jawaher explained in statements to the “account statement” program presented by the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, that she was initially misdiagnosed, and for a long time she suffered from severe fatigue, but she did not know what had befallen her, especially since the discovery of cancer requires careful examinations such as x-rays and endoscopy, which is What she did not do since the beginning of her fatigue, according to her.

The Kuwaiti star revealed painful details about her treatment journey and explained that she learned that she had stomach cancer at the end of 2019, and then the disease spread to the liver as well, as she began her treatment procedures, and received about 51 doses of chemotherapy since the start of the treatment period until now.

Kuwaiti Jawaher expressed her satisfaction with the physical pain she was subjected to.

“Praise be to God, this is a free wage,” she said, noting that she is now better, as she can move, but what bothers her the most is her inability to prostrate during her prayers, as she performs the homework while sitting on the chair.

The famous artist added, “This affliction brought me closer to my Lord and changed my life 180 degrees for the better. I trust in my Lord that he is the healer, the healer, and the optimist of the best.”

Kuwaiti Jawaher had recently posted on her Instagram account a video clip of her in the British capital, London, where she is in order to receive treatment for cancer.

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The Kuwaiti artist explained that she went through difficult moments at that time, as she confirmed that what happens to her during this period of treatment makes her stronger, and that God always chooses the best for her, and that she did not lose hope in her recovery.

She also confirmed that she was exposed to a difficult situation at this time, and that a new age had been written for her according to her description, but the Kuwaiti artist refused to reveal the details of this situation.

And she confirmed that God was kind to her condition, so she wrote: “Yesterday, God wrote me a new age. Oh God, praise be to you. I felt and made sure that the sons of Adam and nothing and that the world is not equal, my Lord is kind to me and my condition and healed me and healed all Muslim patients, Lord.”