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Kuwaiti jewels kidnap hearts in her latest appearance after chemotherapy sessions

Kuwaiti jewels kidnap hearts in her latest appearance after chemotherapy sessions

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Kuwaiti Jawaher shares her cancer treatment session with the public

Kuwaiti star Jawaher stole hearts by talking about her suffering with chemotherapy sessions, and the famous star revealed her desires to change her appearance using some cosmetic techniques.

Kuwaiti Jawaher said that she wanted to make some cosmetic improvements to her face and inject it, such as Filler and Botox, in order to change and support her psychological condition, but the doctor told her that it was useless, because chemotherapy dissolves everything.

Kuwaiti Jawaher added in a video clip: “Whoever takes a chemical does not do anything, because there is no benefit, today I take a dose, the chemical dissolves everything, and de-Fillers do no harm, Botox, the doctor is frying why, I told him why, fry all soul, I said For him, changing my father means a radical psychological change.”

Kuwaiti Jawaher reveals the details of her journey with cancer

Kuwaiti artist Jawaher published a video of her while continuing her cancer treatment journey, after she announced two weeks ago that her health had deteriorated.

Kuwaiti Jawaher commented on the video, saying: “When I felt tired and things swelled and the obstacles between me and people moved, I moved them and made them between me and God, so they rose and diminished until they vanished as if nothing had happened.”

and appeared Kuwaiti jewels In the video that she posted on her personal account on the Instagram application, she was receiving a dose of treatment, and next to her was a nurse who was keen to reassure her and talk to her, saying: “You are good and bright today and fine .. Thank you for everything .. Thank you for showing the world that cancer is a disease with which patients coexist. We love you..and to all cancer patients, we are here for you.

After the video clip that the Kuwaiti star published and showed the change in her features, in which she retained her beauty despite the complete change due to the chemotherapy sessions, her fans interacted with her in comments, including: Oh God, heal every soul that tasted pain from a disease, and grant us patience when afflicted and well-being. Kindness to the body of every patient and write him a speedy recovery, Lord of the worlds.

Kuwaiti jewelers diagnosed with cancer

Kuwaiti artist Jawaher revealed new details about her suffering with cancer through an intervention with her on the “Statement of Account” program presented by the media, Mai Al-Aidan.

clarified Kuwaiti jewels Since the beginning of her struggle with cancer, she has received 51 doses of chemical medicine, pointing out that her mobility has improved after she lost the ability to prostrate during prayer.

She indicated that she is still following treatment in a London hospital, accompanied by her children, who, for her, constitute an essential factor for recovery after God.

She added that the doctors told her that they were unable to remove all the cancerous tumors, especially after the tumors had moved from the stomach to the liver, so they are working to block them.

revealed Kuwaiti jewels Months ago, she revealed the details of her treatment journey through a video on her Instagram account for the first time, including pictures while she was in the hospital for treatment after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Kuwaiti jewels She posted two photos on her account on Snapchat from inside the hospital where she is currently receiving treatment, and did not reveal her face, only publishing a device used for treatment in the first picture and commented on it, saying: “God brings it, God is kind and expert.”

In the second photo published by Jawaher, the names of cancer survivors appeared, and she commented: “God willing, my name will be written with them, the healers, O Lord.”

Kuwaiti Jawaher received a moving message on the video, in which she recounted the details of her difficult journey of treatment with cancer, saying: “The first thing is praise be to God in any case, and praise be to God for this beautiful affliction from the Lord of the worlds, because he preferred me and raised me a degree and rank, God willing, and everything that I ordered in it. I have a reward for it, God willing, and affliction is a beautiful thing. Oh God, to you be praise and thanks.”

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