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Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper |  A black hole threatens the solar system

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | A black hole threatens the solar system

Astronomers have discovered a terrifying black hole roaming the Milky Way, and could one day swallow the sun. And the visible universe is full of black holes, that is, monsters that eat nearby stars.

And Italian scientists from the International School for Advanced Research (SISSA), who published the results of their calculations in the Astrophysical Journal, and reported by Russia Today website yesterday, said that there are 40 billion, or 40 quintillion, black holes, so it is not surprising that they exist in the Milky Way. On two of them already.

They added that the black hole, which was discovered about 5,000 light-years away, is moving and flying through the Milky Way at a speed of 45 kilometers per second, and the existence of this monster was recently confirmed by astronomers, Casey Lam and Jessica Lu from the University of California at Berkeley, and she Lu reviewed data obtained by her colleagues at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

And it turned out that the hole distorts its gravitational field, which represents the phenomenon of deflecting light, and there was an effect of the so-called micro-gravitational lens, thanks to which the stars that were behind the huge space object began to appear larger and brighter.

Lamm believes that his colleagues were a little wrong, and the wormhole is smaller than it appears, not 7 times heavier than the Sun, but not 4 times larger than it, and it is flying slower, that is, at a speed of 30 kilometers per second.

Astronomers have not yet determined whether the monster is actually heading towards the solar system, but if the flying monster entered the solar system, it would destroy the sun and gradually absorb it with all its contents, and this will not happen soon, but it may happen after a few million years.

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