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Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper |  Even in space... "a thief"!

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Even in space… “a thief”!

In astronomy, a basic rule of thumb is that if a star is three times the mass of the Sun, it probably has no Jupiter-sized planets.

This theory seems very logical and intuitive, given that massive stars emit huge amounts of radiation, and thus create a highly toxic environment for the emerging worlds, reaching the size of the gas giant of the solar system – Jupiter, which can accommodate about 1,300 Earths inside it.

“While planets can form around massive stars, it is difficult to imagine that gas giant planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, are able to form in such These are hostile environments, where radiation from stars can vaporize planets before they are fully formed.”

However, some cosmic realms seem to defy science as we know it. In recent years, scientists have identified at least two strange planetary systems with a Jupiter-sized planet and a very large star.

Parker and his colleagues from the University of Sheffield in England revealed their scientific theories to solve this mystery, suggesting that some massive stars might be ‘thieves’.

According to the study, some of the massive stars may have stolen worlds the size of Jupiter from their counterparts from smaller stars, to carry them as if they were their own worlds.

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