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Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper |  Galaxies flee the Milky Way and Earth is alone

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Galaxies flee the Milky Way and Earth is alone

Scientists have warned that Earth could one day be stranded and “left alone” as the universe expands rapidly.

Yesterday, Russia Today website said that the American astronomer Edwin Hubble, in addition to others, discovered in the twenties of the last century that the universe is expanding, and showed that most galaxies escape from the Milky Way, and the farther away from it, the faster it escapes.

Through the NASA telescope, which bears the same name, astronomers were able to peer into the depths of the universe, and the telescope allowed the scientists to move forward, and note that the universe is indeed expanding.

However, according to Professor David Kaiser of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the universe is not just expanding and expanding. Speaking during the BBC’s series “Universe: Where everything begins and ends”, Kaiser said: “It’s actually getting bigger and faster.”

Most observations indicate that the expansion of the universe will continue forever. If so, the popular theory claims that the universe will cool as it expands, eventually becoming too cold to sustain life.

This is what, in the end, can leave planets like Earth alone, suspended in space, in the face of frozen days, Professor Larry Gladney of Yale University said during the documentary series.

He added, “We can well imagine that the universe will continue to expand, become so large, that galaxies will eventually disappear. They will be so far away from us, and moving so fast, that we have no hope of seeing any light from them. This is a real possibility of what could be happen in the future.”

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