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Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper |  Winslet on meeting DiCaprio: I couldn't stop crying

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Winslet on meeting DiCaprio: I couldn’t stop crying

She admitted that filming “Titanic” was difficult

Famous British actress Kate Winslet spoke about an emotional meeting with the famous Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I couldn’t stop crying,” Winslet, 46, told Britain’s Guardian newspaper in an interview published this week.

It is noteworthy that the two stars starred in the famous “Titanic” movie by Canadian director James Cameron in 1997, and they were 22 and 21 years old at the time.

Winslet said she has a very close friendship with DiCaprio, 47.

She stated that due to the pandemic and other things, she had not seen DiCaprio for 3 years, before their meeting in Los Angeles, and said: “I have known him for half my life! But it never happened that I could by chance be in New York or he in London and we had a chance to meet up for coffee. We could not leave our country.”

And about the exhausting filming of the movie “Titanic”, Winslet said as she remembered those days: “It wasn’t fun for all of us, but we had to get through it together.”

Winslet, who achieved huge success this year in the crime series “Mary of East Town”, told HBO that it was “misery” for her, but she never admitted it at the time.

On a previous occasion, and at a party, Kate Winslet stood on one of the podiums and confessed, 13 years after Leonardo DiCaprio’s participation in the TITANIC movie, her love for him that she had hidden all these years.

She said that he is an amazing man and considers him a special person in her life, and loves him with all her heart, and expressed her happiness to stand in front of everyone and tell him about this and how much she loved him. This statement embarrassed DiCaprio at the party because he was shocked by him and sent kisses from afar and showed signs of shyness.

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