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المعارضة الكويتية تكشف عن

Kuwaiti opposition reveals its “national project”

A number of Kuwaiti dissidents who returned from Turkey revealed their “national project”, which was to be presented to the opposition deputies during a meeting that could not be held due to divisions and disagreements.

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During the “National Project of the Opposition” conference, which was held inside the office of former MP Mubarak Al-Waalan, the latter stressed that “despite the penetration of corruption and its influence and the conditions of the epidemic, the Kuwaiti people were able to deliver their message in the recent elections,” adding: “We gathered to talk about a national project and the interest of a country and it does not concern us.” Slogans and personal gains, and what unites us is a homeland.”

Mubarak Al-Waalan pointed out that “there are many deputies from the current council members have declared their support for this national project, and he appreciates the apology of some for not attending the conference, who have apologized with good reason,” pointing out that “there are many questions that should be raised, and we are today in the national project.” We have presented something tangible that will pull Kuwait out of it.”

The former Kuwaiti MP also stressed that it is “above the slogans, including the slogan of the departure of the two presidents,” where he said: “I am Mubarak Al-Walan with the departure of the two presidents, but everyone remembers how this slogan was applied in the past through Al-Irada Square. The issue is not a question of Today, those who raise the slogan of the departure of the two presidents demanded that they go down to the square of the will?

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Mubarak Al-Waalan stressed that “a team of patriotic youth has drawn up axes and legislative files that we believe address the current situation according to a specific timetable,” noting that “presenting the national project must be accompanied by fighting corruption and lifting injustice against those affected as a result of their political positions, and that everyone knows the size of the sacrifices.” Presented by former MP Musallam Al-Barrak.

For his part, the Kuwaiti political activist, Muhammad Al-Bilaihis, explained that “all the laws of the national opposition project are laws submitted by deputies in the parliament’s committees,” noting that “there are those who attack our project and our meeting, believing that it aims to immunize the two presidents, while the first public laws elect the parliament’s office.” Abolishing the priority committee.

“The national project includes legislation related to reforming the economic situation, such as raising state property fees and taxes on companies, and limiting tenders to “listed” on the stock exchange,” Muhammad Al-Balihes announced.

For his part, the former MP, Musallam Al-Barrak, said that “since our arrival, the attack and outbidding began by some, and we preferred to remain silent until the meeting attended by 12 deputies from the current parliament took place,” adding: “Today and tonight we will put things in perspective and put points on letters, and we must To take you back to my speech in April 2017, and immediately after my release from prison.. I proposed an initiative to save the country from corruption and addressed my letter to the ruling family despite my imprisonment during that period and I did not come out for revenge, and I said in that speech.. I said that we made a mistake when we elevated parliamentary work at the expense of political work, and this unfortunately some people do not want.”

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Al-Barrak continued: “I am confident that the reformers, even if they disagree, their consciences will bring them back to the right path,” stressing that sitting in ministerial chairs “is not the job of representatives,” and that it is “unacceptable to put personal differences ahead of the nation’s interest.”

Al-Barrak stressed that “we must search for reasons for two contradictory parties to agree to reject this meeting.”

He pointed out that “giving absolute confidence to the government to achieve reform in isolation from the parliament enhances the state of frustration,” continuing: “We will not hesitate to go to the Will Square if necessary.”

Source: Kuwaiti “Al-Rai”