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Kyiv and Moscow exchange accusations over the train station massacre

Kyiv and Moscow exchange accusations over the train station massacre

company said Railways Ukraine’s government said more than 30 people were killed and more than 100 wounded in a Russian missile attack on a train station in the east of the country on Friday, as civilians were trying to leave for safer areas of the country.

The company stated that two Russian missiles hit a station in the city of Kramatorsk Used to evacuate civilians from areas bombed by Russian forces.

“Two missiles hit the Kramatorsk railway station. More than 30 people were killed and more than 100 were injured in a missile attack on the Kramatorsk station,” it said in a statement.

Ukraine’s president suspends, Russia denies

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Commenting on the incident, he said that Russia is an “unlimited evil,” adding in a statement posted on social media: “They are incredibly annihilating the civilian population.”

For his part, Aflo Kirilenko, governor of the Donetsk region, said that thousands of people were at the station at the time of the rockets.

“The Russian fascists knew very well where they were shooting and what they wanted, they wanted to spread panic and fear, and kill as many civilians as possible,” he added.

Kirilenko posted a photo online of several corpses scattered on the ground alongside piles of bags and other belongings, as armed police in protective suits appeared next to the corpses.

Russian exile

For its part, Russia denied launching any attack on the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk on Friday.

She said Russian Ministry of DefenseOnly Ukrainian forces use tactical missiles, the fragments of which were found in Kramatorsk.

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As for the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk They published pictures confirming casualties as a result of a series of explosions near a train station in Kramatorsk. As a result of the Ukrainian forces targeting the region with missilesTochka or“.

The head of Ukrainian Railways had announced that three trains carrying evacuees in the area on Thursday were stopped after an air strike on the railway line.

Ukrainian officials say Russian forces It is regrouping for a new offensive, and Moscow plans to seize as much territory as possible in the eastern part of Ukraine bordering Russia known as Donbass.

In some areas, Ukrainian local authorities are urging civilians to leave if it is possible and relatively safe.