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Kyiv offers to exchange a billionaire close to Putin for Ukrainian prisoners

Kyiv offers to exchange a billionaire close to Putin for Ukrainian prisoners

And he said Zelensky In a video message broadcast via the Telegram application: “I offer the Russian Federation to exchange this man of yours for our young men and women who are currently detained” by the Russians.

And the Ukrainian security services announced, earlier on Tuesday, the arrest of Medvedchuk, the closest and most influential ally of President Putin in the Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president posted a picture online showing Medvedchuk with his hair scattered and his hands tied in a suit Ukrainian army.

pointed Ukrainian President Through his Telegram channel, he referred to a “special operation carried out thanks to the Ukrainian Security Service”.

The agency later confirmed the arrest Medvedchuk Which was under house arrest until it was lost days after the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24.

The commander of the service, Ivan Bakanov, said that the elements of the service carried out “a special lightning and dangerous operation on several levels to arrest” the pro-Russian deputy.

“No traitor will go unpunished and everyone will be held accountable under the laws of Ukraine,” the statement added via Telegram.

And raises Medvedchuk, one of the richest Ukraine’s richwide controversy because of the close ties he maintains with Moscow.

Putin is a personal friend of the 67-year-old businessman, and is the godfather of his youngest daughter Daria.

He has been under house arrest since last year on charges of treason after accusations of trying to steal natural resources from Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, and providing Moscow with Ukrainian military secrets.

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Medvedchuk apparently fled shortly after the start of the Russian offensive on Ukraine on February 24. Police said they did not find him at his home on February 26 and declared him missing the day after that.

The Ukrainian actions against Medvedchuk angered the Kremlin, and Putin previously vowed to “respond” to what he described as political persecution.

The Kremlin spokesman refused Dmitriy Peskov Commenting on the news of Medvedchuk’s arrest, he told Russian news agencies, “There is a lot of misleading news coming out of Ukraine. This information must be verified.”