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لابالما تسجل 50 زلزالا خلال 24 ساعة بسبب بركان "كومبرى فيخا".. فيديو

La Palma records 50 earthquakes within 24 hours due to the “Combre Vieja” volcano… Video

The National Geographical Institute’s Volcanic Monitoring Network (IGN) recorded 50 earthquakes within 24 hours of them, 34 of them overnight from Sunday to Monday, on the island of La Palma, and six of them with a magnitude greater than 3.

And the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” indicated that the deeper part of the feedback system of the La Palma volcano is now “less active” and has “less ability to feed the eruption”.

Carmen Lopez, spokeswoman for the contingency plan’s scientific committee, explained that despite the fact that indicators such as earthquakes, tremors and the volume of gases released are on a “descending” line, this does not reflect that the eruption is on the way to an end.

With the lava flows almost at a standstill, the biggest concern is air quality, Lopez said, as five municipalities – Los Llanos de Arridan, El Paso, Tazacorte, Pontagorda and Tejaravi – will continue Tuesday without face-to-face lessons, with residents being told to limit their exits to outdoor spaces and protect their noses and mouths appropriately if they are outdoors.

The President of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, who appeared in front of the media accompanied by Transport Minister Raquel Sanchez, who will continue his visit to the island today, Tuesday, announced that a meeting will be held today in which the measures that must be taken in the road infrastructure, which are necessary for mobility and the restoration of life, will be held. The nature of the island, once the emergency caused by the eruption of the volcano is overcome.

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In his speech, the President of the Canary Islands stressed that he would try to complete the work of this fast track “in the shortest possible time” and added that he would work “every day” to maintain contact in this area. The island. It is very close to colada.

Angel Victor Torres also suggested to the Minister that the work on the coastal road, worth about 48 million euros, be included in the La Palma reconstruction plan and that it become “an infrastructure, a corridor for the delivery of energy, tourist infrastructures or agricultural land”“.