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"La Perle" .. an artistic epic that tells the brilliance of Dubai with visual dazzle

“La Perle” .. an artistic epic that tells the brilliance of Dubai with visual dazzle

Dubai: Ahmed Al-Najjar

A visual epic that shines with wonders, wonders and oddities amid a water environment equipped with smart theatrical technology, injecting enthusiasm and passion for 45 minutes of visual dazzle that carries cultural radiation on the wings of music, dancing light effects and acrobatic performances that inflamed the audience’s enthusiasm, yesterday evening, with the atmosphere of the “La Perle” show. The famous show, which was held at the Atrium in Al Habtoor City, Dubai, on the occasion of its celebration of 5 years of splendor and brilliance for its inception, and the show witnessed a large crowd of audience from different cultures of the world.

La Perle celebrated the first water show in Dubai, by presenting paintings renewed in content and air show that took the breath and touched the senses through a glowing water story that carried messages of joy and peace for all peoples, mixing theatrical performance, creative images and pioneering technology.

The audience’s experience was affected by musical pieces and acrobatic performances that included fantasy stories on a stage resembling a river pool that mimics the spirit of legends, swallowing performers who fall from a height of 26 meters while riding bicycles. Twice to read the creativity between the details to live a double sense of surprise, discovery and curiosity, especially with the crazy performance of the riders inside an iron ball suspended in the space of the stage, while they take turns jumping from it with exciting acrobatic movements downward, flying gracefully at a height of 25 meters.

Visitors and tourists confirm that what is remarkable about the “La Perle” show is that it brings together professional international artists on an interactive platform, united by a performance harmony that reflects the spirit of coexistence that the UAE embodies on its land, and they consider it the most prominent destination they plan to visit, attending the international show in the region, which is performed by dozens of professional artists from World-class, to present artistic paintings that tell the story of Dubai as a radiant city that pulses between the past, the present and the future, blending its heritage, antiquity, civilizational revival, authenticity and cultural brilliance.

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“Pearl” radiates throughout history

It is noteworthy that La Perle “The Pearl” embodies the future of live entertainment in the world, and is presented in a water theater designed in the Al Habtoor City complex. Artistic director Franco Dragone.

“La Perle’s show puts glamor and glamor at the heart of its strategy,” said General Manager Troy Doisaux, adding: “Passion and innovation are the foundations of what makes La Perle a great show. We do our best to build our organizational culture, management philosophy and partnerships on the same foundations. The performers and crew of La Perle understand our responsibility as a leader in live entertainment in the region and as proud ambassadors for Dubai’s rich artistic and cultural scene.”

innovation renewal

About his vision for the development of La Perle’s show in the next five years, executive director of the show, Pierre Vaneus, said, “Five years have passed, and we look forward to maintaining our standards in the next stage.”