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Labor retains one of its strongholds, slightly ahead of the Conservatives in Britain.

Labor retains one of its strongholds, slightly ahead of the Conservatives in Britain.

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London (AFP)

The British Labor Party was able to retain one of their strongholds in northern England by a slight margin against the Conservatives in the by-election that tested the main opposition leader, Khair Stormer.

Kim Letter Conservative Ryan Stevenson (34.42 per cent) – 35.27 per cent of the vote by a margin of only 323 votes – was the 2016 EU pro-Labor MP in the Battle and Spin (Yorkshire) seat held by his sister Joe Cox, according to the results. Announced early Friday.

The 40-year-old told the BBC he was “very happy to have rejected the Badley and Spin section of the population and chosen to vote for confidence”, stressing that it was a “very touching” day.

Conservative party co-chair Amanda Melling said the results were “disappointing”. He told Sky News that this was not the biggest victory for Labor.

By-elections were held on Thursday in the constituency that has voted for Labor since 1997 following the resignation of outgoing MP Tracy Braban, who was elected mayor of West Yorkshire in mid-May.

During the fierce campaign, the Conservatives were meticulously observed in an area that had made significant progress in recent years, breaking the historically labor-leaning “red wall” of the UK’s non-industrial north.

The former Labor leader, who leads a small extremist party, is a former MP. The left camp was weakened by the appointment of George Calloway and ran into the race with the declared intention of weakening Khair Stormer.

In a tweet, Stormer praised Kim Ledbetter-led “Facing Divisions” as a “fantastic end” and a “positive optimism campaign”.

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The victory came as a relief to Khair Stormer, who is facing growing discontent within his own party after the Conservatives captured a labor stronghold in Hartlbull (north-east) last May.

Sturmer, less difficult than his left-wing predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, assumed party leadership in April 2020 after defeating Labor in the Assembly elections with the promise of getting the party back on track.

Andrew Adonis, a former Labor minister and member of the House of Lords, said: “The slim majority of 323 (votes) in Badley and Sabin now removes any challenge to Stormer’s leadership.” “But the situation is serious,” he told Labor.

One week before the Brexit vote, Joe Cox, 41, was assassinated in the middle of the street by a new Nazi supporter, sparking outrage in Britain.

Cox has been a staunch advocate for the EU and a champion for the cause of refugees, and has never stopped praising diversity.

Cox, the mother of two, is the first female MP to be assassinated in the UK. And Ian Cove, the first female MP to be assassinated since being assassinated by the Irish Republican Party in 1990.