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Lada is preparing to end production of the five-door Niva

Lada is preparing to end production of the five-door Niva

The five-door Niva was not very popular with customers, but Lada already offers an indirect successor instead.

Lada Niva Legend, the current name of the symbol known in the past as Lada Niva or Lada 4×4, is one of the oldest new cars that you can buy today. Not much has changed in his style and appearance, but over time, various variants appeared and disappeared.

One of them is the five-door model, known as the VAZ-2131, which was launched by the automaker in 1993. Thanks to an extended wheelbase of 500 mm and another pair of doors, the five-door Niva was able to offer greater practicality, but in At the same time, he lost some dexterity and agility in the terrain. In addition, it never gained a good reputation with clients.

While the three-door model has sold more than 3 million units since its 1977 launch, the five-door Niva has sold only 100,000 units since the 1990s. Information about the planned end of production, which is due to take place at the end of this year, is not really a big surprise.

According to, automakers stopped accepting orders for the new five-door Niva Legend last week, due to efforts to catch up with production due to a supply issue. Production of the Niva Legend five-door was discontinued in February and resumed in March.

However, people who are interested in the more spacious Niva should not be sad, because Lada can offer them an indirect successor, the recently renovated Niva Travel. The model, which was introduced in 1998 under the name AvtoVaz 2123 and was also sold as the Chevrolet Niva, is more modern and will likely provide the crew with greater comfort.

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The Lada Niva Legend three-door is still on display, with its long-awaited direct successor not arriving until 2024.