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Laila Elwi: I love cinema since my childhood and my mother used to punish me by depriving me of it (video) | news

Actress Laila Elwi talked about her endless love for cinema and how her love for it began.

Laila Elwi said in her meeting with the “Spot Light” program presented by Sherine Suleiman on the “Sada El Balad” channel, that she loved cinema since her childhood and preferred it to going to amusement parks or any other place.

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Laila Elwi revealed that when her mother wanted to punish her, she forbade her from going to the cinema, and at that time she adhered to all instructions and listened to the words until the punishment ended.

Laila Elwi confirmed that she likes to present works of interest to the public and raise their problems.

It is reported that Laila Elwi’s latest work is her participation in the movie “200 pounds” with Esaad Younis, Ahmed El-Sakka, Ahmed Adam, Ahmed Rizk, Hani Ramzy, Khaled El-Sawy, Bayoumi Fouad, Ghada Adel, Ahmed El-Saadani, Tariq Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Hafez, Mahmoud El-Bazzawi. , Mai Selim, Nermin Zaza’, King of Qura, Noha Saleh, Dina Fouad.

Its events revolve in a social framework that reviews 8 different and varied stories, including the comedian and the tragic, in which a large group of stars appears, each hero has a different story from the other, and the events of the film revolve in a social framework around 200 pounds transmitted from one person to another, from different social classes and living places But this paper currency ties them together, as the work shifts between different stories.

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