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Laila Ghufran falls into a crying fit because of Wael Al-Ibrashi (video)

Laila Ghufran falls into a crying fit because of Wael Al-Ibrashi (video)

The artist, Laila Ghofran, said: “Baligh Hamdi, Sayed Makkawi and Muhammad Al-Mouji are the owners of the credit for Alia, who brought me to Egypt,” noting: “The song “Boudak” was used in London while I was present and it was getting ready and I was supposed to sing it, but I did not miss Egypt, so the late Warda Al-Jazaery sang it.”

The reason for not singing

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She added, during her meeting with the program “Kalam El Nas” broadcast on MBC Egypt: “I stopped singing for 4 years because of my dispute with the company that monopolizes my voice.”

The easiest song

And she added: “The first time I downloaded the song “Ashal Halek”, I found a singer who spoke to me and said, “You are growing, you are growing, and we are looking for a need to be hit.”


And she continued, “My father did not know that I sang for a long time after I traveled from Morocco to France, and he knew when I became famous in Egypt, and I was strong at that time that I got married, and I changed my name from Jamila to Laila Ghufran for fear of him because he was religious, but Farah when he knew that I became famous.”

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Cosmetic surgery

And she continued, “I am with plastic surgery, and I am surprised by the people who do plastic surgery and hide and say I am not working. We repair time defects or congenital defects, and we do not harm anyone. Why do we hide that we do plastic surgery and why do we lie.”

Fajr prayer in Hussein

She pointed out: I love to listen to Marwan Pablo and Wiggs, and I love to visit our master Hussain and the righteous parents of God, and I love to pray the dawn prayer in Hussain, and the most supplication that I make is always cover and contentment, and the last period I persevere in prayer and reading the Noble Qur’an, and I am in love with Sheikh Al-Naqshbandi and from the wonderful voices and I love the supplication of “My Lord.” .

Laila crying forgiveness

Laila Ghufran cried, when displaying a picture of the media, Wael Al-Abrashi, saying: “My beloved, I was surprised by his departure .. the kindest heart and the purest person, and I myself would talk to him, but I was an eye and my circumstances were difficult.”

Singing Abdel Halim Hafez songs

And on the authority of Abdel Halim Hafez, she said: “When I sang Jabbar, I had horror, and Muhammad Al-Muji told me to calm down and go through the experience, so I told him that I am attacking now from the press, so what about if the album came down with a mighty man and your love is fire and full of descriptions, so he said don’t fear and go through the experience, and first when I knew that the songs I went down, walked and went to Paris and said to sit there and come back with my head raised, and when the songs came down, I made a fuss and said go back and came back at the airport, I found people like my voice.

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