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Lancia has a new logo, it's part of the brand's renaissance

Lancia has a new logo, it’s part of the brand’s renaissance

The renaissance of the Italian Lancia brand, which has only been talked about so far, is beginning to take its first real shape. The event called Lancia Design Day didn’t reveal anything about the design of the upcoming Aurelia, Ypsilon or Delta models, but it did show off the brand’s new logo.

This goes back to the design with the pillar and the words “Lancia” in a flag-like rectangle, which the automaker had kept in its logo for almost its entire history. However, both are stylized and look very modern, while maintaining the existing shapes of the logo.

Photo: Lancia

Brand new Lancia emblem

In addition to the logo, the automaker also showed off a study called Pu + Ra Zero, which reveals a new design language. It is called Pu + Ra and combines the words “pure” and “radical”. He is supported by Jean-Pierre Bloy, chief designer of Stellantis cars in Europe, who, in addition to this concern, has worked at Renault, Ford and Volkswagen.

In a study that doesn’t look much like a car, the three stripes below the Lancia lettering on the front are significant. It’s meant to be a style of the chrome stripes on old Lancias’ visors, which are cup-like, for use on electric cars. Another important element has to be the circular sunroof and round taillights, which we expect in the new Ypsilon.

Lancia has already confirmed in the past that the new Ypsilon will still be an urban minivan and will arrive in 2024, in either plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle form. Two years later, we can look forward to a premium electric crossover, which should be called the Aurelia, and in 2028 the Delta electric hatchback will arrive. It’s meant to be “sexy”; Only time will tell if it will be set to a luxurious tone like the last Delta, or whether it will refer to the brand’s rich history in rallying.

Lancia has a revival plan. Three new models and an electric future


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