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Last year, PODA earned 600 million, invested in optics and bought a supplier in the Ostrava region

Last year, PODA earned 600 million, invested in optics and bought a supplier in the Ostrava region

Czech Internet Provider buddha Last year, it received 590.7 million kroner for telecom services, an increase of 30 million kroner year on year. The profit of the company, which employs 252 people, amounted to 78.5 million crowns.

PODA also purchased a majority-owned telecom division of Kumi – Electronic a few weeks ago Milan Cobain. It has thus acquired a smaller network and clientele in the Ostrava region.

The constantly growing company Ostrava is investing in optics and strengthening the infrastructure. Last year, among other things, GPON technology was developed, with which PODA offers a connection speed of up to gigabit.

“We continued to rebuild the old optical technology of the new GPON standard in the Ostrava region, in České Budějovice by completing the second phase of Stromovka, in Prague, we brought networks to customers in Kunratice, Chodov or Roztyly, in Brno We connected homes in ečkovice, Králové Pole or in Žabovřeskách. In the process of switching to GPON, we see great potential in the coming years, which we intend to use,” the company wrote in its annual report.

In 2020, GPON was provided to more than 26,800 households. PODA has a total of 107.6 thousand households and 2771 companies among its clients. Both sections grew in percent units. There are more than 77,000 clients in Ophthalmology.

Last year, PODA invested 69 million kroner in optical infrastructure. 44 million went to GPON, 49 million to data infrastructure, and 28 million to customer terminals. The total value of expenditures amounted to more than 211 million kroner.

The priority for 2021 is to connect 8000 existing wireless customers with 5e technology. PODA’s wireless network will also use 60GHz hardware over short distances,” the provider plans. Reconstruction is also continuing with FTTB and GPON. PODA is also purchasing hardware against DDoS attacks.

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