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Last year, the number of electric cars increased by a tenth

A year ago, there were 944 charging stations in the ministry’s records. There were stations with an output of up to one hundred kilowatts. Over the past year, there have been hundreds of them. A total of 1,364 charging stations provide 2,643 points for charging an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid.

Electric vehicle infrastructure must grow by leaps and bounds. Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS) recently announced that in five years, the Czech Republic has spent around six billion crowns developing charging stations near highways and in cities. Pensions from European funds are used for this.

The operator stressed that the construction of additional infrastructure should continue this year as well. The latest trend is ultra fast shelving. For example, EZ Corporation wants to operate about 40 of them this year. In addition, the company has opened several other new stations this year.

Prask energetika announced the complete construction. This year, we also have the fifth electric vehicle terminal in Prague and the long-awaited new performance of electric vehicles being built near motorways, said Vojch Fried from PRE’s Electric Mobility Development Department. Large operator E.ON is also preparing to start operations.

Along with construction, consumption and the number of users have increased dramatically last year, with the number of operators more than doubling

The development of infrastructure goods is progressing along with the growing demand for electric vehicles. There are currently about fifteen thousand of them in the Czech Republic, which is about five thousand less than last year. In addition, tens of thousands of hybrid cars that combine electric drive with a classic internal combustion engine are on domestic roads.

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