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Lattice Physics | Youssef Abu Loz

In what is scientific much of what is poetic, not even when you sit with the poet d. Khazal Al-Majidi, in his book “The History of Creation”, Genesis 2020 Publications, you find yourself in the midst of a galaxy of vocabulary and terms that describe the universe, earth, life, and man, and in their heart together are poetic (lyrical) vocabulary. It is as if the universe is a poem, and it is a poem, but from moons, planets, galaxies, solar and lunar systems, and endless stars. How beautiful is this story of the stars, for it is a poetic story. From a mood, and there are small stars smaller than 4 or 5 times the mass of the sun that die after their energy production reaches its maximum when its fuel (hydrogen fuel) runs out, as if the star is a vehicle that runs on gas or gasoline, and when this fuel runs out it stops working.
says d. Al-Majidi said that the universe is a musical instrument, and in the universe there are physical phenomena that can be identified with the theatrical actor and dancer. As for the term (space-time), which literary critics worked on, especially in the novel and short story, it is originally a physical scientific term.
Writers or literary critics and writers of narrative and nonfiction narratives think that they are the discoverers of (space-time) or (space-time), while Einstein is the one who discovered, or he who said what is called the four-dimensional entity (space-time), “The three dimensions of space: length, width, depth are not It exists alone, but the fourth dimension is added to it, which is time.” These were merged together and became (time-space).
In this scientific (cosmic) physics book, we learn about: how old is the earth, how old is man, how old is the universe, and where do we live? We live or live in a grain of sand, as Dr. Al-Majidi, and there are two ages and not one: the age of light, and the age of darkness, as if the duality of good that is symbolized by light or light, and the evil that is symbolized by darkness in literature is (i.e. this duality) nothing but a completely exposed metaphor from physics.
Our well-known solar system is: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and at the same time it is a literary and poetic system. Poetry space is attracted to her.
The Milky Way, or (the Milky Way), the trail of coffin girls and other cosmic celestial paths in space and between the stars.
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