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Launching a polyphonic music system by the composer Qutayba Al Nuaimi

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In its eighteenth edition, under the slogan “The Future Begins Now”, and within the initiative of the Music Composition and Documentation Platform, the Abu Dhabi Festival supports the Belgian-Iraqi researcher and composer, who specializes in Western and Arabic music sciences, Qutayba Al Nuaimi, in creating the first multi-sound music system applicable to all scales. Oriental and Arabic with partial degrees, while preserving the identity and richness of Arabic music.

Huda Ibrahim Al-Khamis, founder of the Abu Dhabi Group for Culture and Arts, founder and artistic director of the Abu Dhabi Festival, expressed the festival’s pride in supporting the creative composer Qutaiba Al-Nuaimi in creating the polyphonic maqam, as the first musical system for the maqam that adopts the partial degree of three quarters of the tone, as a contribution to providing musical innovation. Applicable to Western musical scales in classical music, a musical innovation that preserves the identity and richness of Arab music, a translation of our vision to establish the UAE’s position as an incubator for Arab creators, and a global platform to develop their creative ideas and launch their initiatives, inspired by the principles of free creative thinking and renewed thought.

For his part, the musician Qutaiba Al-Nuaimi said about this achievement, “This innovation is a radical solution to a problem that theorists and researchers in Arabic and oriental music have suffered for several centuries. It is partial pitch hierarchy (three-fourths of the pitch), as the polyphonic partial pitch system addresses this problem in a scientific and definitive way, and starting today, it has become possible to write polyphonic musical compositions with a pure Arabic identity using all oriental Arabic musical scales that carry partial degrees without exception”.


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