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Launching the Emirates Space Art Program

Launching the Emirates Space Art Program

Dubai: «The Gulf»
Yesterday, Wednesday, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced the launch of the “Emirates Space Art Program” in cooperation with “Jusoor”, with the aim of documenting the most important moments and historical developments recorded by the UAE in its journey towards space, and its participation in a unique way within the creative cultural industries, to leave a distinctive imprint. value for future generations.

The new program will attract a wide range of creative talents in the UAE to participate in the National Space Program, with the aim of highlighting the country’s efforts to explore space according to new concepts that are reflected through artworks and other available creative media.

Engineer Salem Al Marri, Deputy Director General of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, said: “In light of the rapid prosperity and exceptional achievements that the country’s space sector abounds in, we realized that there is no better time than now to explore the technical aspects of our journey using a variety of styles, media and methods. artistic. Through this step, we seek to highlight our achievements in the field of space in a simplified manner that allows everyone to realize the importance of what we have achieved.”

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center has signed a fruitful strategic partnership with Jusoor, a private local social initiative that plays an active role in engaging the cultural and creative sector in the country. Under this partnership, the program will be developed and its strategies enhanced, as well as supervised to achieve its desired goals.

For his part, Omar Al-Shannar, founder and CEO of Jusoor, said: “We are very proud to cooperate with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center to implement this program, which is the first of its kind, which aims to celebrate the country’s achievements through various artistic and cultural means in the UAE.” Al-Shinnar added: “Based on our keenness to meet the aspirations of our wise leadership to highlight the UAE’s achievements in various fields, we will look forward to cooperating with various relevant authorities in the public and private sectors, within the local cultural and creative community, to achieve the objectives of the Emirates Space Art Program in a manner consistent with the growing artistic scene. in the state.”

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The Emirates Space Art Program will seek to maintain dialogue and interaction around the National Space Program, by strengthening the link between various forms of science and arts in society, in conjunction with celebrating the UAE’s achievements in the field of space.