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Laurin Kicked Out: Find a New Store!

Laurin Kicked Out: Find a New Store!

The actress had a hard time saying goodbye to the series from the hospital environment. “Yeah, that’s right, she really said goodbye to Mira’s character after five beautiful years. Her story came true. I really dealt with her and I will remember her and also work with all the wonderful colleagues. As the saying goes: Something has to end for something new to start,” she commented on her departure from For Aha!

Top tip

But she didn’t mention that it was ending due to a new series, titled Zoological! This is closely guarded information that should not leave TV walls. “He will be one of the main stars of the series who will become the flagship of Prima TV and plan not to invest too much money in it. LaurinovouBecause he is very popular with viewers and is one of the guarantees that viewers will enjoy this series from the ZOO environment, ”entrusted to Aha Daily!

The apple did not fall far from the tree. Daughter of Sabina Loren brings together acting experience on the series “Sisters.”

Role on the body

Lauren could really be looking forward to playing alongside her David Gransky (29), Eva Borishova (27) or Lucy Pulisinsk (34). These actors are the ones whose screenwriters will soon write their characters directly on the flesh.

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