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Lazio’s Felipe regrets celebrating the jump on his former teammate

Lazio defender Luiz Felipe apologized after jumping on the back of Inter Milan striker Joaquin Correa during the capital’s 3-1 Serie A win on Saturday, and said he wanted to hug his former friend and teammate but he misjudged the moment.

The Brazilian player received a red card after the final whistle for jumping on the back of his friend, who left Lazio at the end of last season, as Lazio came from behind to beat the Italian champions in an exciting match at the Olympic Stadium.

Inter players were angry when Lazio advanced with a goal while one of the players fell on the field due to injury, and clashes occurred after the goal, and after the final whistle.

The Argentine striker Correa, better known as “Toko”, was angry at Felipe’s behavior, and the referee’s decision to display the red card caused the Lazio player to cry.

“At the end of the match I jumped on Toko’s shoulder because he’s one of my closest football friends,” Felipe wrote on Instagram, alongside several photos of himself with Correa. “Our families are friends and he and I are best friends.”

“What I wanted was to hug and caress him over the score, our friendship allows, but I was really excited.

“Maybe judging by what happened it was not the right time or the right place. I apologize to anyone who might be offended by what happened and I want to make it clear that I wasn’t trying to show disrespect for him, the other players or Inter and their ardent fans. Someone who has a strong bond with Taco.”
Correa said Felipe had made a mistake.

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The Inter player added, “My friend Luiz definitely made a mistake in his behavior and timing, and at the moment of the event this was my reaction. I never wished that would happen, but now we all have to forget what happened.”