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لو باريزيان: طلاق نيمار وباريس سان جيرمان وشيك وتشيلسي الأقرب

Le Parisien: The divorce of Neymar and Paris Saint-Germain is imminent and Chelsea is the closest

French press reports revealed the divorce of the Brazilian international Neymar da Silva And his French club, Paris Saint-Germain, is imminent after the relationship between the player and the president of his club entered a dead end, against the background of the statements made by the latter, which criticized the samba leader.

According to the newspaper “Le Parisien”, Neymar is close to leaving Paris Saint-Germain, and that Chelsea, under the new management, is the closest to joining the player during the current summer transfer period.

The report indicated that the management of the Paris Saint-Germain club informed Neymar’s relatives that he would not keep him. The report stressed that the two sides are looking for the best exit for both of them, especially after their desire to secede from the other.

Neymar is open to leaving because he has always said he should feel loved at his club, and there is no objection on the part of PSG to him leaving now.

Neymar had a bad season with Paris Saint-Germain, where he scored 13 goals and made 8 in 28 matches, and on the other hand, press reports revealed that the Brazilian offered himself to Barcelona, ​​​​through his agent, Benny Zahavi.

The Spanish program “El Chiringuito” stated that Benny Zahavi, the agent of Brazilian star Neymar, offered the player to Barcelona, ​​Spain, to include him during the current summer transfer period.

He added that with Barcelona losing the deal of the Polish star Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich striker, his agent, Benny Zahavi, offered Neymar to the Catalan club.

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He added that the Brazilian star Neymar’s deal would cost Barcelona only 50 million euros, and Zahavi offered him if the Lewandowski deal failed.

He continued that the Brazilian Neymar sees his return to Barcelona again as a good thing for him, stressing that it is the only team he wants to move to if he leaves Paris Saint-Germain.

But at the same time, the program confirmed that Barcelona is not thinking, at least for the time being, of Neymar, despite the good relationship between Joan Laporta, the club’s president and board of directors, and agent Beni Xavi, where the priority at the moment is to sign Lewandowski.

It is worth noting that the Barcelona team is suffering from an economic crisis through which it cannot sign the Brazilian Neymar, who has a contract with Paris Saint-Germain that expires in June 2025.