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لوبان: سأضمن استقلال الدولة وأجعل من فرنسا أرض سلام حال فوزى بالرئاسة

Le Pen: I will guarantee the independence of the country and make France a land of peace if I win the presidency

The candidate of the French “National Rally”, Marine Le Pen, promised to be president of all the French and to “re-arrange the country” within 5 years if she wins the elections, Russia Today reported.

“I will set the country straight in five years. I will guarantee the independence of the state and make France a land of peace,” a spokeswoman told voters after the announcement of the preliminary results of the first round.“.

She added: “I will pay great attention to ensuring the sovereignty of France in all sectors, so that the French can decide for themselves and protect their interests.”“.

She continued: “I will fight immigration and restore security to all… I will ensure respect for each one of you, especially ordinary citizens,” noting the “regional, social and cultural” divisions observed in the country, as well as differences in the provision of medical care and access to digital technologies..

Le Pen noted that her project is “full of the great ambitions of the country, and involves, first of all, the use of holding a civil referendum on important state issues, allowing to take into account the widest possible range of political preferences.“.

She stressed that “on April 24, a basic choice will be made between two opposing views on the future of the country. It will not be a choice according to circumstances, but rather a choice for society and even civilization. I am convinced and it depends on your vote anywhere.. We want To take people against the power of money“.

Le Pen, who left the post of party president before the start of the election campaign, noted that “she has been freed from party ties and I am ready to become president of all French people.”“.

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“I invite all French people who hold reasonable positions of any origin to join this great national and popular assembly,” she said. “I invite all those who did not vote for Macron today to join us.”“.

The first round of the presidential elections in France concluded on Sunday, and according to preliminary data, the incumbent President Emmanuel Macron and the candidate of the National Rally Marine Le Pen moved to the second round, which will be held on April 24. According to media reports, Macron received 28.5% of the vote, and Le Pen On 24.2% of the votes cast.