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Le Pen missiles are becoming increasingly popular. Right-wing politics improved by eight percent in just one month SVT

we will French far-right politician Marin-le-Penuf improved by eight percentage points in a recent popular poll, to second only to former Prime Minister Dugard Philippe. The investigation was conducted by Kantar-OnePoint in favor of Le Figaro. Recent polls attribute Le Pen’s greatness to his advancement in the second round of the presidential election in France in the first year.

When asked whether they would like a particular character to play an important role in public life in five cities and years, 34 percent of respondents answered the Le Pen case, an eight percentage point increase over the pre-town. In the case of former Prime Minister Felipe, 46 percent of respondents were positive, including current Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

According to Le Figaro, the events of the past month helped increase the popularity of the RN. For example, Le Penov endorsed an open letter from retired generals warning about a monk in France and Islamism. The public was recently attacked by the police station in Rambouillet, which was stabbed by a Tunisian extremist, or because of the court’s unexpected arrival in the influx of burning bottles on police officers in 2016.

According to Le Figaro, Le Penov has become a person at odds with President Emmanuel Macron’s policy. A large number of those who want to voice their disagreement with the president are favored by Le Penov, mainly because they are likely to advance with Macron to the second round of the presidential election in the first year.

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Macron is currently ruled by 35 percent of the French, while 58 percent is not. A survey shows that the remaining seven percent are unsure. Jane Castex, who was in 29 percent of the respondents, is the same.